Extensions: Doclisboa travels to Vila Real

Three days of cinema, between the 20th and the 22nd November, when an extension by Doclisboa gets to the auditorium at Vila Real Theatre, in an effort by this organisation with UTAD – Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro. To show some of the films from the festival’s 15th edition:


20 November, 6:30pm
Madalena Rebelo / Portugal / 2017 / 3′
While visiting the last house her parents shared as a couple, a young woman forms the imagery of a universe she never witnessed.
Chjami è Rispondi
Axel Salvatori-Sinz / France / 2017 / 76′
“Ten years after my last visit, I return to Cateri, Corsican village, cradle of the Salvatori family. I want to confront my father. I propose a duel in the sun, in the form of a chjami è rispondi, a Corsican joust, the outcome of which is very uncertain.” Axel Salvatori-Sinz


20 Novembro, 9:30pm
Vincent Carelli / Brazil / 2016 / 162′
The great march to retake the sacred territories belonging to the Guarani Kaiowá, since the birth of the movement in the 1980s: the peaceful and persistent insurgency of the destitute before the mighty apparatus of the agribusiness.


21 November

Fairuz Ghammam, El Moïz Ghammam / Belgium, Tunisia / 2017 / 15′
“Dear grandma, you’ll be surprised to hear my voice in your language…” Those are the first words in a pre-recorded, spoken letter never sent but instead played aloud in real time by the Brussels filmmaker to her elderly grandmother in Mahdia, Tunisia.
O Canto do Ossobó
Silas Tiny / Portugal / 2017 / 99′
“Rio do Ouro and Água-Izé were among the largest cocoa plantations in São Tomé and Príncipe during the Portuguese colonial era. Thousands were marked by forced labour equivalent to slavery. I return to my country to find the traces of that past.” Silas Tiny

I Don’t Belong Here
Paulo Abreu / Portugal / 2017 / 75′
I don’t belong here follows the creative process of the play by the same name based on the personal experiences of the performers themselves, who were unexpectedly deported to the Azores from the United States and Canada.


22 November

Norley and Norlen
Flávio Ferreira / Cuba, Portugal, Spain / 2017 / 8′
The silent language of two brothers, physical intimacy. Difference through equality. Norley and Norlen are twins. Sometimes they fight… and sometimes they don’t.

Why is Difficult to Make Films in Kurdistan (pictured)
Ebrû Avci / Turkey / 2017 / 26′
A Kurdish girl is trying to convince her traditional family to let her study cinema while filming their daily life.

Srinivas Reddy Sanikommu / Portugal / 2017 / 12′
A girl and her friend attempt to steal lemons from the church orchard. It leads to an unexpected intimate conversation about religion and personal freedom. Their conversations inspire a quest to regain her autonomy from a religious institution.

John 746
Ana Vîjdea / Romenia, Portugal, USA / 2017 / 34′
In a room packed with objects of all sorts, a man passes the time painting a remake of Picasso’s Guernica, giving books away and taking care of his dog Bakunin. In a final attempt to reach his audience, he comes up with a plan: the destruction of Art.


22 November, 9:30pm
Medronho Todos os Dias
Sílvia Coelho, Paulo Raposo / Portugal / 2017 / 53′
The film follows Monchique’s distillers who disclose their ancient know-how of harvesting and distilling the spirit made of the strawberry tree fruit. More than the process and the result, it is a meditation on the mountain range’s specific length and time.