Four projects at Porto/Post/Doc’s Arché

We are dlighted to announce the four projects that have been chosen to participate in the Development Workshop by our Arché lab, that will take place within the Porto/Post/Doc film festival, between the 27th of November and the 1st of December:

Aiguallum, David Tena Reiff (Spain)
Às Vezes não sou eu Quem Fala Por Mim, Miguel Clara Vasconcelos (Portugal)
Ofrenda, Alexis Delgado Búrdalo (Spain)
Somos Dois Abismos, um Poço Fitando o Céu, Kopal Joshy (Portugal)

The workshop will be lectured by Luciano Rigolini (pictured), and will also include a presentation of the projects to film professionals. Adding to that, Arché at Porto/Post/Doc will also present three masterclasses on Screenwriting, Editing and Color Grading.

Up for grabs there is also an artistic residency at Companhia das Culturas, in Algarve, to be awarded to one of the participants. The jury is: François Bonenfant (educational cinema  and visual arts director at Le Fresnoy), Laurence Reymond (film critic and programmer) and Daniel Blaufuks (photographer and filmmaker).

Doclisboa and Porto/Post/Doc have renewed their partnership in order to increase the networks aimed at creation, dialogue and cooperation, but also to make the bridge between Lisbon and the northern region of the country, including the Spanish Galiza. Aiming at a stronger Arché in motion, simultaneously decrentralised both in time and space.

For further details, please contact arche@doclisboa.org