Milla joins the party at Cinema Ideal

Milla is 17 and Leo is not much lot older. They find love and take refuge in a small town on the English Channel, far from the world. They have a son. They try to invent a life for themselves.

Somewhere between documentary and fiction, through the film’s free and fluid construction, featuring Severine Jonckeere and Luc Chessel in the main roles, Valérie Massadian conceives a movie from invisible gestures that make us grow.

Milla” was awarded the Grand Prize in the International Competition of Doclisboa’17, the award for Best Achievement in “Filmmakers of the Present” at Locarno Festival, Grand Prix at Lanzarote Film Festival and Best Director in Ficunam’s International Competition.

Finally on public release in Portugal from this week, on 30 August “Milla” premieres with two screenings with the presence of the film’s director and actors, at 7:00 p.m. and 9:45 p.m, at Cinema Ideal, Lisbon. Tickets for these two screenings are free of charge, to celebrate both the reopening and fourth anniversary (congratulations!) of Cinema Ideal.