Sight and Dialog at Goethe-Institut

Earlier this year, Doclisboa and Goethe-Institut Portugal devised a program of films to highlight the quality of Deutch cinema in its archives. And came up to a vision based on dialog, repeated once again between the 31st of October and the 5th of December, every friday at 6:30pm, free admittance.

31 October 6:30pm
Those who go those who stay
Director: Ruth Beckermann
2013, 75 min.
A film about migration, about those who go and those who stay. Transitory images between Sicily, Vienna, Alexandria and Paris, the fabric of Europe as a continent with a History and a present of constant migration, against the idea of a continuous national history defended by the old and new right wing movements.

07 November 6:30pm
Director: Philip Scheffner
2016, 93 min.
On 14.09.2012, at 14:56, the cruise ship “Adventure of the Seas” communicated to the Spanish coastguard that it saw an immobilized boat with thirteen people on board. A YouTube video and biographical scenes create a choreography that reflects the past, present and future of travelers in the Mediterranean.

14 November 6:30pm
The Day of the Sparrow
Director: Philip Scheffner
2010, 104 min.
In the Netherlands, a sparrow is shot dead after dropping 23,000 dominoes. In Kabul, a German soldier is killed in a suicide bombing. This juxtaposition of headlines instigates director Philip Scheffner to cross the war with the methods of ornithology.

21 November 6:30pm
Wolff Von Amerongen: Did He Commit Bankruptcy Offences?
Director: Gerhard Friedl
2005, 73 min.
An experimental reflection on German economic history: seemingly innocent images of cities, landscapes and factories. A voiceover speaks in a laconic tone about the careers and catastrophes of the great capital.

28 November 6:30pm
The City Below
Director: Christoph Hochhäusler
2010, 110 min.
The fleeting encounter of a man and a woman in a vernissage. Days later, a coincidence brings them back together, he is a manager of a bank, she is the wife of his employees. A game of fascination begins between unequal players in the cold environment of Frankfurt’s great financial metropolis. (Pictured.)

05 December 6:30pm
Nothing Ventured
Director: Harun Farocki
2004, 50 min.
Director: Christian Petzold
2007, 89 min.
Double bill bringing together films by Farocki and Petzold, establishing the bridge between documentary and fiction. “Nothing Ventured” follows B2B negotiations and operations. And “Yella” takes place precisely in this ghostly world of “venture capital”.


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