Doc Alliance

Doc Alliance is an interntional network that gathers seven European documentary film festivals and to which Doclisboa has joinned in 2013. The network annually works to promote and create interest and support to documentary film, especially independent and authoral films. To pursue these aims, Doc Alliance work on several projects, acting both on the promotion of films, but also on alternative forms of watching and distributing documentaries.
Besides Doclisboa, Doc Alliance is composed by CPH:DOX Copenhagen (Denmark), DOK Lepizig (Germany), FID Marseille (France), Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival (Czech Republic), Docs Against Gravity (Poland) and Visions du Réel (Switzerland).

As a member of the Alliance, Doclisboa participates actively in its 2 main projects: the Doc Alliance Selection and Award and the VOD platform

Doc Alliance Selection and Award
Seven films, nominated by the seven festivals run every year for the Doc Alliance Award, which is delivered by a 7 members jury, all equally nominated by the festivals. The Award, 5.000 euros to the wonner’s next film, is delivered in May, in the context of Cannes Film Festival.
Since Doclisboa has joinned, two Portuguese films have already won this Award: Captivity by André Gil Mata (Doc Alliance Award 2013) and The Quest of the Schooner Creoula by André Valentim Almeida (Doc Alliance Award 2014).
Each festival then programmes a selection out of the 7 films in a special section to contirubte to the films’ circulation.
To know the 2019 Doc Alliance Selection click here.
VOD platfrom with more than 11.000 documentary films. All the seven members work for its catalogue to grow, not only by promoting the platform to directs, producers and distributors in their countries, but also by creating online film showcases. Doclisboa presents every year thematic showcases: a part of the Sailing the Euphrates retrsopective, Doclisboa award winners, a retrospective on the Carnation Revolution, restrospectives of Jorge Silva Melo and Catarina Mourão are some examples.