Keep Shooting

In June this year, the Israeli Parliament passed the bill that criminalises the capturing and disclosing of images of soldiers from the Israeli Defence Forces in the course of their work in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. New videos of those who resist and do not accept being silenced arrive in the Internet everyday—they are the only evidence of the ongoing violence.

Israeli Soldiers Beating Women and Children!
2018 • Occupied Palestinian Territories • 3’

Israeli Soldiers Arrest ’Udai Da’na, 17, at Home in Hebron ’Eid al-Adha, 23 Aug. 2018
2018 • West Bank • 3’

Gaza Tonight
Free Palestine
2018 • Gaza Strip • 1’

Israel Brutalizes Palestinian Land Owners
The Palestinan Information Centre
2018 • West Bank • 2’

Israeli Occupation Soldiers Try to Stop a Journalist From Filming them Preparing to Demolish a Palestinian Property
The Palestinan Information Centre
2018 • Occupied Palestinian Territories • 1’

Settlers Attack the Palestinian Houses in Tal Rumaida
Youth Against Settlements
2018 • Occupied Palestinian Territories • 8’