Arché with Porto/Post/Doc

In 2018, we are back to Porto with a workshop tutored by Luciano Rigolini, in partnership with Porto/Post/Doc festival, aiming at decentralising Arché at different times and in several territories. We wish for all our participants to experience Arché as a place of possibilities, a space where their films may come to be. But also for the producers, distributors, programmers and all film professionals joining us this year to find stimulating projects and people, as well as possibilities for future collaborations.



November 27th – 29th
From the 27th to the 29th, Arché participants will be working on their projects in a Project Development Workshop tutored by Luciano Rigolini.

Selina Hotel


December 1st
Arché participants pitch their projects in 10 minutes presentations to industry guests. We invite all producers, programmers, sales agents and other professionals attending Porto/Post/Doc to be there toknow this year’s projects.

2.30 pm at Teatro Rivoli



Aiguallum Lamparo
by David Tena Reiff
Production: Atzur Produccions (Spain)
Where the Pyrenees find the waters of the Mediterranean, between France and Spain figures of men are praying towards the sunrise. Under the sound of an engine, the black water. Only when the circle is closed and the lights are off, men can go back home. Fishing and night. An atavistic landscape.

Voices Speaking through Me
by Miguel Clara Vasconcelos
Production: Miguel Clara Vasconcelos (Portugal)
Maria is a business consultant by day and a volunteer at the helpline Anonymous Voice by night. She will meet a strange young woman on the phone and run into her ex-boyfriend by chance, becoming a hostage to her own ghosts.

by Alexis Delgado Búrdalo
Production: 59 en Conserva and ABDFilm (Spain)
Offering is a fictionalized autobiographical project, in dialogue with documentary images of real life. Inspired by Bach’s counterpoint, it portrays the duality of a musician who moves between isolation and the longing for communion.

We are two Abysses, a Hole Staring at the Sky
by Kopal Joshy
Production: Terratreme Filmes (Portugal)
An account of time that transpires between the filmmaker and the man subjected to her gaze. This film is an encounter in conversations with the man who isolated himself in a void of memories of a late comapanion crossing paths with a new companion who disrupts his loneliness but not his eternal longing for love.




Companhia das Culturas/Pereira Monteiro Fundação Award for best Arché project
consisting of an artistic residency at Companhia das Culturas.


Daniel Blaufuks
Daniel Blaufuks is a photographer and filmmaker and is one of the most important contemporary artists in Portugal.

François Bonenfant
Studied in INSAS (Brussels) and in Paris X. He was a programmer of Cinémathèque Française. Since 2010, he is pedagogical director of cinema and visual arts of Le Fresnoy.

Laurence Reymond
Laurence Reymond studied cinema in Lyon and Paris. Worked for several distribution companies between 2003 and 2011, such as Ad Vitam and La Pacte.