Doc♥Beat Parties

Opening Party

In the year of Luis Ospina’s retrospective, Colombian music and rhythms form the basis for Doclisboa’s first night. Between salsa and cumbia, we set the tone for the following 10 days and 10 nights.

Heart Beat Opening Party: Shut Up and Play the Piano

Aside from being a genius solo musician, Chilly Gonzales is linked to Peaches, Feist and Daft Punk, to name but a few. Maria Miguel connects all these dots on the dance floor at A Barraca.

Depeche Mode: 101

Twenty years ago, Depeche Mode started the Music for the Masses tour. That’s Joe Delon’s starting point. Strange highs and strange lows…

Where the Night Goes

We celebrate the opening session of the Green Years section with a late afternoon at Lost Lisbon Cais House, not knowing where the night will take us.


An unexpected concert leads the dancing bodies into moving in a way that reinvents traditions.

Bad Reputation

Bad Reputation follows Joan Jett’s career. After the film, Bunny O’Williams takes us dancing with her. We love Rock’n’Roll!

The Team’s Party

Still no sleep.

Fado Vadio

Anticipating the premiere of Vadio, a night of fado at A Barraca.

Aretha, the Queen of Soul

We dedicate the last session of Doclisboa’18 to Aretha Franklin with The Blues Brothers. On the last Friday night, Afonso Peixoto brings us R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Closing Party with Filipe Sambado and Cecília Henriques

We invited Filipe Sambado and Cecília Henriques to take care of the music in the last night of Doclisboa’18. If not before, now the proverbial will hit the fan.