1. Arché is a laboratory of professional activities taking place in the context of Doclisboa – International Film Festival.

2. Arché is a space of deep reflection on film projects in different stages of production. It is focused on projects and auteurism, and approaches the production process mainly as an authorial project. Thus, Arché is free from immediate financial and logistical goals. It also aims to encourage the creation of collaborative networks between different projects and production structures, and to provide means of contact with high quality international agents in an atmosphere of intensive work. To this end, Arché will receive Portuguese projects and projects from different countries, invited by the festival in every edition.

3. Arché consists of workshops and joint meetings – masterclasses, presentations and debates – around professional questions, crucial to the development, creation and visibility of a film today.

4. Arché is a laboratory dedicated to film projects that encompass a strong implication in the domain of the real – projects able to experiment the potential and boundaries of its documental matrix.

5. In 2018, Arché will take place between October 21st and 27th in Lisbon and between 27th November and 1st December.

6. An annual call for entries will be announced on the website Registration is free of charge and open to directors and producers.

7. Travel and accommodation expenses must be covered by the participants.

8. Arché is open to projects from Portugal, Spain, Latin American and Portuguese speaking countries.

9. The deadline for submissions is June 15th 2018 for projects running for Lisbon and 17th October for projects running for Porto’s workshop.

10. Registration implies sending the materials as defined atções. Applications not complying with the requirements will not be considered.

11. The selection of the participating projects will be made by the Arché coordinators and tutors. Also, if considered relevant, the coordinators will summon up relevant professionals from the sector.

12. Doclisboa will inform the selected and non selected projects by e-mail up to a month before the festival. The selection will be announced on the website

13. Information on participating projects will be under embargo until the official announcement to be made by Doclisboa.

14. Participants will authorise the publication of the provided information in the official festival catalogue and website, and other promotional materials.

15. Projects selected to be part of Arché agree to use the Arché logotype in its credits and promotional materials. Moreover, they agree to use the following wording: Project presented at Arché. Logos can be downloaded here.

16. In the case of Arché awards winners, participants must also mention the award in the credits.

17. The submission of a project implies the knowledge and acceptance of these regulations.

18. The direction of the festival will decide on all matters not covered by these regulations, in accordance with the rules of international film festivals.