Retrospective Luis Ospina

Doclisboa presents the first complete retrospective of Colombian filmmaker Luis Ospina in Europe. His accurate and humorous vision of his country, his strong cinephilia and his commitment to the preservation of the past make him a key figure in Latin America’s recent film history. His films tell the story of a generation known as the Cali Group, together with his friends Andrés Caicedo and Carlos Mayolo, among others. Their artistic actions were the core of the cultural and political effervescence of the late 1970s in Colombia, and are still resonating today. A carte blanche given to the director complements the retrospective, and includes a very rare film, Melodrama, by Jean-Louis Jorge.

Carte Blanche Luis Ospina

A carte blanche given to the director comprises five sessions, completing the first full retrospective of Luis Ospina’s work in Europe.