Projects and Participants

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Under the tutorship of Andrés Duque:

Azul / A Blue Unbody
by Ágata de Pinho
Production: Uma Pedra no Sapato (Portugal)
Writing and development stage
Sinopsis: She has always believed she’ll be gone when she turns 28. As that anniversary approaches she realises her mother was that same age when she was born—the daughter she never wanted. Trauma pushes her to catharsis. She plunges into every sensation that sticks into her the most basic existence: water, the sun, the sublime. Trance is a place of fullness, almost otherworldly, impregnated with invisible forces.

by João Vieira Torres and Camila Freitas
Production: Duas Mariola Filmes, Primeira Idade (Brazil, Portugal)
Development stage
Sinopsis: “Babado” is a term used by young people in the Amazonian tri-border of Brazil, Peru and Colombia to refer to economic-sexual exchanges. Among these people are the members of the afro-brazilian Umbanda temple of Father Jairo, a bisexual man who used to be a transexual and sex worker as most of them are. In a constant experience of performativity, he group adorns and reinvents their bodies for the reception of entities in the temple as well as for their work in the streets.

Los últimos / The Last
by Sebastián Peña Escobar
Production: Marcelo Martinessi, La Babosa Cine (Paraguay)
Writing stage
Sinopsis: Two old naturalists embark on a long journey to a remote area of Paraguay, just at the moment when terrible fires threaten to extinguish the last forests of that country. This romantic journey, full of irony and scepticism, but also of wisdom and hope, results in an acute conversation about human societies and the future of world forests.

O Lugar Mais Seguro do Mundo / The Safest Place in the World 
by Helena Wolfenson and Aline Lata
Production: Krassivaya Filmes (Brazil)
Editing stage
Sinopsis: The film follows young Marlon, whose life changes after becoming the victim of one of the greatest social-environmental tragedies in the world, the result of a mining tailings dam breaching. Forced to move from the countryside to the city outskirts, he has to deal with new conflicts, and witnesses a new mining tragedy in Brazil, which brings out in the open the country’s disregard and injustice, and the character’s uncertain future.

Under the tutorship of Karen Akerman:

El Empresario / The Bussinessman
by Germán Scelso
Production: Alexandra Galvis, Market Chile (Argentina, Chile)
Editing stage
Sinopsis: Argentina, 1970. The National Army releases a businessman who was kidnapped for two months. When they do, they kill the guerrilla soldier who was responsible for it, for political reasons. Forty years later, the businessman’s son and the deceased guerrilla man’s son decide to get together. Their parents are long gone, but they have a lot to say. What happens when you go for a coffee with your worst enemy’s son?

La memoria de las mariposas / The Memory of Butterflies
by Tatiana Fuentes Sadowski
Production: Isabel Madueño Medina, Miti Films (Peru), Société Acéphale (France)
Writing stage
Sinopsis: Many years have passed since I first saw their photographs. Their faces, I have not been able to forget. This is the account of a journey to create an unwritten memory. In my obsession, I follow imagined clues to the places where they were, speculate about their destinies, tie up loose ends to find traces that do not belong to them, but that speak to me of them. That is how I retrieve their history.

Mother Lode
by Matteo Tortone
Production: Malfé Film (Italy, France, Switzerland)
Editing Stage
Sinopsis: A young motorcycle taxi driver reaches the richest and most dangerous goldmine of Peru, lost under a glacier in the Andes. A journey in a world where gold belongs to the Devil, ruler of the mines.

Pepe, la Imaginación en el Tercer Cine / Pepe, the Imagination in the Third Cinema
by Nelson Carlo de los Santos Arias
Production: Pablo Lozano, Tanya Valette, Monte y Culebra SRL (Dominican Republic, Colombia, France)
Writing stage
Sinopsis: In the jungle of Colombia, Pepe, a young hippo, was killed. Between sounds and bellows, his ghost narrates his story, an authentic and false story, serious and playful. Another story to add to the imaginary of the neighbouring towns, full of macho fights, dictatorships and beings that have died without ever knowing where they really were.
Participant of the RAW Programme

Under the tutorship of Virginia García del Pino:

A land of streaming water
by Ilan Serruya
Production: Ilan Serruya (Spain)
Pre-production stage
Sinopsis: Water flows underground, sand draws the horizon. The kibbutzim located at the Negev desert (Israel) trace the lines that divide territory. What is my link to this place? Does this land belong to me? Zionism says yes and calls it ‘birthright’. A country has borders, a kibbutz has borders, my body has borders. A land of streaming water is a film that works in these three stages of the territory in a balance between prospection and introspection. 

Miraba caer las gotas iluminadas por los relámpagos, y cada que respiraba suspiraba, y cada vez que pensaba, pensaba en ti / I watched the drops illuminated by the lightning fall, and every time I breathed I sighed, and every time I thought, I thought of you
by Pepe Gutiérrez García
Production: Tatiana Graullera, Los no ricos films (Mexico)
Development Stage
Sinopsis: Fiction and documentary are mixed exploring the origins and development of colonialism. In the XVII century, a Spanish sailor crosses the Pacific Ocean in the Manila galleon. In the XXI century, documentary images of Mexico, the Philippines and China following the route that the galleon followed for more than 300 years. Past and present coexist through automated humans, spaces that become figures and lights that become extinct in the dark.
Participant of the RAW Programme

Mussolini mi ha detto
by Toia Bonino
Production: Alejandra Grinschpun (Argentina)
Writing stage
Sinopsis: My grandfather was a loving man. When I was born his hair was already white. But this story begins with his death and with his last will: to wear a black shirt during his wake. Mussolini me ha detto searches for the past secret that connects the familiar to the sinister, my life to his.

Sobre las nubes / About the clouds
by María Aparicio
Production: Pablo Ratto, Eva Cáceres, Trivial Media (Argentina)
Development stage
Sinopsis: Ramiro works as a cook in a bar. Hernán is an unemployed engineer. Nora is a nurse in a public hospital. Lucia is a bookseller. Four stories and a black and white city with a persistent rain. None of them knows each other; they are only inhabitants of the same city.
Participant of the RAW Programme

Participants of the Film Criticism and Research Workshop:

With Land
by Lucía Salas

Abstract: Artists are settlers. And space? With Land, Lucía Salas searches for films made in Los Angeles, a never-ending city located in the USA, but which is also an extension of many lands: Latin America to the south, Asia from the Pacific and the world in all its margins.

Percursos e derivas da não ficção espanhola recente / Directions and drifts of recent Spanish non-fiction cinema
by Miguel Zozaya

Abstract: This research project aims to reflect on the films and authors of Spanish documentary films of the last decade (attending to their relationships, their thematic and formal interests, their possible genealogies, etc.) and analyze their circulation through specialized festivals. Likewise, it seeks to inquire into the role that these festivals play – through their programming work, but also through their production aids – in the creation of new canons for non-fiction films.

Participants of the RAW Programme