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Family Images at Arco de Valdevez

The partnership between Apordoc and Arcos de Valdevez City Council, whereDoc’s Kingdom is annually held, goes far back. And finds new strength in the cycle “Family Images”, a whole month of films, between the 30th of November and December. At Cineclube de Arcos de Valdevez, a selection of short films from the Greens Years section of the 15th edition of Doclisboa, all intertwined by the families that bring us together:


30 November, 1 and 2 December
Maria Ganem, 2017, Portugal, 6’
French filmmaker Alain Cavalier visits a suburban house in Rio de Janeiro in the 1980s and wonders about what cinema has to gain with the arrival of portable cameras.

8 and 9 December
At the End of the Day
Pedro Gonçalves, 2017, Portugal, 15’
The portrait of a homoparental family. Marta and Mariana are married and live with their two children – Matias (4 years old) and a one year old girl, Maria Mar – and a Dalmatian. How can the love between these people materialise in small gestures?

15 e 16 de Dezembro
Lemons (pictured)
Srinivas Reddy Sanikommu, 2017, Portugal, 12’
A girl and her friend attempt to steal lemons from the church orchard. It leads to an unexpected intimate conversation about religion and personal freedom. Their conversations inspire a quest to regain her autonomy from a religious institution.

21 a 23 de Dezembro
Between the Sky and the Sea
Giuliane Maciel, 2017, Portugal, 13’
The film arises from the need of answers, from the director’s search for her origins in memories and old tapes recorded by herself and her parents.

28 a 30 de Dezembro
Norley and Norlen
Flavio Ferreira, 2017, Cuba, Portugal, Spain, 8’
The silent language of two brothers, physical intimacy. Difference through equality. Norley and Norlen are twins. Sometimes they fight… and sometimes they don’t.