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Frederick Wiseman and Rithy Pann Join “From the Earth to the Moon”


We are delighted to announce two further confirmations to festival section ”From the Earth to the Moon”: Frederick Wiseman and Rithy Panh.

The American director takes us to the landscapes of “Monrovia, Indiana”, revealing the daily routine of a countryside community of 1400 inhabitants, founded in 1834. Through observing the functioning of the community’s organisations and institutions, the film makes possible a greater understanding of a rural and conservative way of life. Wiseman has long been a regular presence at Doclisboa, subject of a retrospective in 2008, and his last film arrives fresh from its premiere at Venice Film Festival.

Also from Venice (and Toronto) comes “Graves Without a Name” (pictured), which sees Rithy Panh return to our program after “Exile” (premiered at Doclisboa’16). When a child, who lost most of her family under the Khmer Rouge, embarks on a search for her relatives’ graves, what earthly and spiritual matter does she find?

In the meantime, the numbers for Doclisboa’18 are piling up: 236 films, 68 world premieres, 22 international premieres, 59 Portuguese films, 54 countries represented. And regarding audience numbers, we of course hope to count you amongst them.