1. Doclisboa 2006 - The Lisbon International Documentary Film Festival will be held between 20th and 29th October, at Culturgest.

2. Doclisboa is a festival dedicated exclusively to documentary cinema, seeking to highlight new forms of thinking, of viewing the world and communicating. The festival gives priority to films that have not been released in Portugal. This is valid for Portuguese films and for foreign films. The aim of the festival is to allow a more profound reflection upon contemporary themes and current affairs, thus stimulating new debates. Doclisboa also focuses on breaking new ground and on the great diversity and vitality of this cinema of reality.

3. The Selection Committee seeks films with cinematographic quality, which manifest the point of view of the author both in terms of content as well as form.

4. Only films made after 1st January 2005 are eligible for the competitive categories.

5. Short, medium and full length feature films can compete, with the following projection formats: 35mm, 16mm and video. All the films selected will be screened during the festival with subtitles in Portuguese and English.

6. The deadline for entries is 31st July 2006.

7. Only entries that include a VHS or DVD version of the film and a duly filled application form will be accepted.

8. The Selection Committee will decide the category in which the film will be classified.

9. Doclisboa has four competitive categories:

  • International Competition - Feature Films:
    open to films with a minimum duration of 50 minutes.
  • International Competition - Shorts:
    open to films with a maximum duration of 50 minutes.
  • National Competition - Where are Portuguese Documentaries Headed?:
    open to short or feature films produced and/or directed by Portuguese filmmakers.
  • Competition - Investigation: open to short and feature films
    First and second works can compete in all four sections.

10. First and second works presented in any of the festival’s competitive categories are eligible to the Prize for First Works.

11. The Doclisboa prizes consist of a trophy, a diploma and prize money.

12. The Jury of the International Competition will attribute the Prize for Best Feature Film and for Best Short. The same Jury can also attribute an Honourable Mention by the Jury.

13. The Jury for the National Competition and for First Works will attribute a Prize for Best Portuguese Film (from all the competitive sections of the festival), a Prize for Distribution in Cinema Halls for a Portuguese Film and a Prize for Best First Documentary Work.
The Jury of the Investigation Category will attribute a Prize for Best Film in this section.
The Universities Jury, constituted by university students, will attribute a Prize for Best Film in the International Competition.
The Schools Jury, consisting of high-school students, will attribute a Prize for Best Portuguese Film at the festival.

14. The decisions of the Juries are final.

15. How to enter a film:
Doclisboa should receive:

  • A duly filled and signed application form
    A VHS (PAL) or DVD version of the film with subtitles or a version in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese. Participants are requested to test the VHS/DVD copies they send to Doclisboa.
  • A synopsis in English (up to 800 characters)
  • Three photographs from the film (minimum resolution: 300 dpi - 10x10cm) and a photograph of the director in a digital format.
  • A complete technical dossier
  • A list of the dialogues in English
  • A biography and filmography of the director(s)
  • A press kit (posters, postcards…)
  • Other relevant information

16. All costs of sending VHS or DVD versions to the competition are the responsibility of the participants who are entering the films.

17. AporDOC reserves the right to keep the VHS/DVD version of the film in the videotheque during the festival and in AporDOC’s videotheque strictly for non-commercial purposes. The participants who enter the films must request in writing that the VHS or DVD versions be returned. The costs associated with returning the material will be borne by the participant.

18. The festival is responsible for selecting all the documentaries that will be screened during the programmed schedule.

19. In case the film is selected, Doclisboa will inform the participant up to one month prior to the inauguration of the festival. After the participant has been informed about the participation of the film in the festival, the work must not be exhibited in Portugal until it is screened at Doclisboa. The festival will also inform the entries that were not selected for Doclisboa up to one month prior to the commencement of the festival.

20. After the film has been selected, the festival can use:

  • Three minutes of the film for promoting the festival;
  • The publicity material of the film (press kit, posters, postcards, etc.) for promoting the festival.

21. The projection copies of the film must be sent to Doclisboa before 2nd October 2006. All copies should be sent to:
Miriam Faria
Rua dos Bacalhoeiros, 125, 4º
1100-068 Lisbon - Portugal

22. The copy of the film must be accompanied by a pro-forma invoice with the name of the sender, the title of the film, the weight, measurements and number of reels. Doclisboa will return the copy after the festival and will inform the participant when it has been despatched.

23. The costs of sending the copy to Portugal will be borne by the participant. The costs of clearing the film through customs in Portugal, as well as the costs associated with returning the films to their country of origin, will be borne by the festival. Any customs duties in the country of origin will be borne by the participants.

24. The participants are entirely responsible for any insurance covering transport and handling to and from Portugal. After receiving the copies of the films, the festival is responsible for these copies until the moment they are sent back. The insurance of copies is not applicable to negatives, positives or masters.

25. Special invitees of Doclisboa are not covered by the festival’s insurance.

26. The producer of a film that is awarded a prize at Doclisboa will undertake to mention the Doclisboa prize in all promotional materials for the film.

27. Any entries of films made to Doclisboa presuppose knowledge of and an acceptance of these regulations.

28. The Festival Board will decide upon all matters that are not covered by these regulations in accordance with the international rules of Film Festivals.

Organization: Apordoc
Rua dos Bacalhoeiros, 125, 4º. 1100-068 Lisboa. Portugal . Phone & Fax: + 351 21 887 16 39