The International Competition Jury will award the following prizes:
  • Grand Prize of the city of Lisbon for best long film (7.000€)
  • Prize doclisboa for best short documentary film (3.000€)

The National Competition Jury and of the First Films will award the following prizes:

  •   Grand Prize Tóbis for best long Portuguese documentary film (4.500€)
  •   Prize Tóbis for best short Portuguese documentary film (500€)
  •   Prize of Distribution Atalanta Films for best Portuguese film
  •   Prize Adobe for first documentary film (4000€)
  •   Prize Sony for first Portuguese film (1.000€ and a SONY HD camera)

The Investigations Jury will award the prize:

  • doclisboa Investigations 2: (3.000€)

The Universities Jury will award the prize:

  • Universities (1.500€)

The Schools Jury will award the prize:

  • Schools (1.500€)

The Pobreza Zero campaign Jury will award the prize :

  •  Pobreza Zero campaign (2 500€), that distinguishes a film that contributes for the sensibilization and mobilization of the civil society around the fight  against poverty and for the Goals of the Millenium.


Organization: Apordoc
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