"The decisions of the jury are not intended to be a reflection of absolute truth. Rather, it is the result of much discussion and debate. The jury has attempted to give equal attention, both to films which have been previously recognized as well as films that are hoping to find wider audiences. Therefore, the 2005 doclisboa International Competition Jury decided to award the following prizes:

Grand Prize doclisboa Odisseia for the best feature documentary (5.000 €) in ex-equo:

Before the Flood de Yan Yu e Li Yifan
Alimentation Générale de Chantal Briet


"The jury decided to give a very special consideration to 2 films, of very different subject scope, even coming from very distant territories and cultures, one of them epic and macroscopic, the other closely microscopic.
Nevertheless the two films are parallel in the way they reveal communities at risk of being submerged. One, is an entire town condemned to be removed from its own location. The other, a multi cultural mosaic of a community, at risk of being submerged in the anonymity of urban indifference."

doclisboa Jameson for the best short documentary (3.000 €)
Samagon de Eugen Schlegel, Sebastian Heinzel
"Because of the way it presents a character and her village as well as her memory of European history"

The Jury of the National Competition and of the First Films awarded the following prizes:

doclisboa Adobe for the best first documentary work (3.000 €)
Before the Flood de Yan Yu e Li Yifan
"This important observational documentary deals with the everlasting story of the power over the poor people for the name of evolution. The protagonist of this film is time. During the long shooting period the directors succeeded to transform the everyday life of the village into a cinematic form."
Special Mention: Samagon de Eugen Schlegel, Sebastian Heinzel
"In the first cathegory there were many films which were not competitive with each others because of the lengths and the subject. That's why we want to give a special mention to a great short first film, for it's access to the protagonist, humour, simplicity and it's cinematic expression."
First Film Special Mention: Falta-me de Cláudia Varejão
"To contribute and encourage young portuguese documentary filmmakers we want to give a special mention in this selection to a First film."



doclisboa Tóbis for the best Portuguese documentary (4.500 € in postproduction)
Gosto de Ti Como És de Sílvia Firmino
"For it's humanity and open-mindeness, for expressing na optimistic belief in community and sharing this with audience."


doclisboa Atalanta Filmes for a Portuguese documentary (theatrical release)
Natureza Morta de Susana de Sousa Dias
"The film is a valuable documento of the past and present - for the future. The film holds some of the finest possibilities of cinema, the universal language wich leaves room to the viewer's own reflections and interpretations in this very vulnerable Portuguese subject. It is the film for Silver Screen."

The Investigations jury awarded the following prizes:

doclisboa Grande Reportagem
for the best documentary in the Investigations section (2.500 €)
Massaker de Monika Borgmann, Lokman Slim, Hermann Theissen
"- for the originality of the narrative form and its inner coherence,
- for bringing new elements to an important and tragic historic event which is still not fully clarified, in a region that is in ongoing turmoil,
- for exposing the people that were responsible for a crime against humanity,
- for being an assay on human evil, showing how dangerous normal people can become,
- for being a warning for the possibility of this happening again in any other part of the world, as recent history demonstrated."

Special Mention: Occupation: Dreamland de Garrett Scott, Ian Olds
"- For giving a deeper insight and a different perspective on reality
- For the courageous approach on war politics in a still on-going conflict
- Fot the exposing of the fragility of the official argumentation for this war
- For the clarity of the narrative
- For it's honesty and integrity
- For it's technical quality in very difficult conditions"

The universities jury awarded the prize:

doclisboa IPJ
for the best feature documentary in the International Competition (1.500 €)
By the Ways (A Journey with William Eggleston) de Vincent Gérard e Cédric Laty
"The chosen work features an individual in a particular way simultaneously showing a relevant approach to contemporary art. Unique and subversive, with an unusual aesthetics, the universities jury decided, by majority vote, the winner to be "By The Ways"

The High-School jury awarded the prize:

doclisboa IPJ
for the best Portuguese documentary presented in the festival (1.500 €)
Gosto de Ti Como És de Sílvia Firmino
"The Elements that were taken under consideration for us to make this decision were the following:
- story/ content;
- Image quality
- Film making technique
- Sound/ music/ voice record quality
- Dialogue
- Editing
- Filmshooting

Each of these elements were evaluated on a scale of 1-10 and this film had the best score. Evermore, we believe that this film uses a universal language, reaching a wider audience."

Organization: Apordoc
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