Twenty years of Agência: carte blanche to Mariana Gaivão

Mekas had offered us, “As I was moving ahead occasionally I saw brief glimpses of Beauty”, rendering us a little less alone. The twenty years of Agência are a living celebration of such glimpses, brief letters shot in secret and handed over as notes in the classroom between our open hands, in an act of stubborn, accomplice resistance. I went through them looking for a programme, essential and unfairly limited, that would engage in a dialogue with the very nature of the Festival. I arrived at these 4 four films, which in the conscious freedom of their gesture make way for the most beautiful of encounters: Cinema, handing us back (to) the world.

António Reis | 1974 | Portugal | 35’

Jorge Quintela | 2010 | Portugal, Alemanha / Portugal, Germany | 9’

Acorda, Leviatã
Wake Up Leviathan
Carlos Conceição | 2015| Portugal, Angola | 20’

Altas Cidades de Ossadas
High Cities of Bones
João Salaviza | 2017 | Portugal | 19’

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