‘My feminism is from East Germany’ – the past and present of feminisms 30 years after the fall of the Wall

German feminists discuss feminisms before and after the fall of the Wall. Could East Germany legacy have influenced current feminist speeches and practices in Germany? What can those memories teach us in order to deal with the emerging anti-democratic and anti-feminist political trends? What brings feminists in Germany and in Europe together, and what sets them apart from each other? Feminist activist Anne Wizorek and gender studies specialist Hildegard Maria Nickel will engage in a discussion moderated by Helena Ferro de Gouveia and co-organised by Associação Mulheres sem Fronteiras e Fundação Friedrich Ebert Portugal.

Simultaneous interpretation. Free admittance. Tickets must be collected on that day.

15:30 • AP • ’
Cinema São Jorge
Sala 2

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