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"48 " by Susana de Sousa Dias
at Punto de Vista Festival


The documentary "48 ", by Susana de Sousa Dias, was selected for the International Competition of the 7th edition of Punto de Vista, the International Documentary Film Festival of Navarra, which will take place between the 22-27 of February in Pamplona, Spain.


The film “48”, covers almost half a century of dictatorship based on a group of photographs of former political prisoners of the Portuguese dictatorship (1926-1974).” 48” tries to show the mechanisms through which an authoritarian system endeavoured to perpetuate itself.

“José e Pilar” Audience Award
International Film Festival in Portimão

“José e Pilar” by Miguel Gonçalves Mendes, was the opening film of doclisboa 2010 and of the 2nd edition of the International Film Festival in Portimão, where it won the Audience Award.
In addition to the premiére in Portugal, the film is since the 18th of November in the portuguese threatres and also in 11 brazilian cities.


“Snack-Bar Aquário”
Grand Prize for short film documentary at EntreVues


“Snack-Bar Aquário” by Sérgio da Costa who was awarded with the CGD Prize for feature documentary in the Portuguese Competition, was awarded with the Jury  Prize 2010 : Grand Prize for short film documentary at EntreVues, Festival International du Film de Belfort.


“Snack bar Aquário” is the portrait of a Portuguese bar whose boundary is a road in a little village. Through a succession of everyday scenes, a community appears, which is unified by the fact that there they feel “at home”. Its protagonists eat, drink, discuss, watch tv...they all spend time there, waiting for something.

“Let Each One Go Where He May”
awarded with 2 more international prizes

"Let Each One Go Where He May” by Ben Russel, who received the New Talent Award for Best Feature Film in International Competition, Investigation or New Visions at doclisboa 2010, was awarded with 2 more international prizes.


Cult Award Prize – True Stories in Cinema, for Best Film, International Documentary Competition at the 28th edition of Torino Film Festival.
RED Prize, Jury 2010, for Best Feature Documentary at EntreVues, Festival international du film de Belfort.
“Let Each One Go Where He May” is Russell’s stunning feature debut, a film that both partakes in and dismantles traditional ethnography, opts for mystery and natural beauty over annotation and artifice, and employs unconventional storytelling as a means toward historical remembrance. A rigorous, exquisite work with a structure at once defined and winding, the film traces the extensive journey of two unidentified brothers who venture from the outskirts of Paramaribo, Suriname over land and through rapids, past a Maroon village on the Upper Suriname River, in a rehearsal of the voyage undertaken by their ancestors who escaped from slavery at the hands of the Dutch 300 years prior. A path still traveled to this day, its changing topography bespeaks a diverse history of forced migration.


APORDOC - The Portuguese Documentary Association is seeking Film Festival Director
for doclisboa

Doclisboa is an international film festival specializing in documentary and is among the leading European festivals. Doclisboa takes place every October. Lisbon Docs, a financing and co-production forum for documentary film, is a parallel event that takes place in the framework of the festival.


• Assuming the general direction of doclisboa - International Film Festival and its relationship with the event Lisbon Docs.
• Conceiving and implementing a strategy of development and recognition of the festival, strengthening its identity and visibility, nationally and internationally.
• Defining the artistic focus, managing film selection and programming.
• Developing an international relations policy and a communication strategy.
• Maintaining a network of contacts both within the film sector as with partners and sponsors.
• Ensure the overall management of the festival, coordinating human resources and budget - in close collaboration with the production coordinator.
• Collaborating with the Apordoc board in pursuing the aims and strategies of the association.

Required profile

• Extensive knowledge of the film world, in particular of the documentary world.
• Working experience in organizations of the culture and communication sector.
• Good interpersonal skills and involvement in a network of contacts and international organizations relevant to the festival.
• Ambition to develop innovative projects.
• University education or equivalent; strong skills of spoken and written English, Portuguese, French and Spanish.

Deadline for submitting proposals until December the 20th, 2010 for Apordoc / Doclisboa, through the e-mail: doclisboa@doclisboa.org

The outgoing director of the festival doclisboa will ensure the exercise of the office until the arrival of the new director. There will be a transition period between directions.

"Cuchillo de Palo"
was awarded with three more international awards

After receiving the SIC Notícias award for best investigation documentary at doclisboa 2010 - International Film Festival, the film CUCHILLO DE PALO by Renate Costa (Spain, 2010), was awarded with three more international awards:
Popoli Award to the Best Film at the 51st edition of Festival dei Popoli - International Documentary Film Festival, in Florence.
Shooting from the Hip Award and First Camera Award at the 13th edition of RIDM - The Montreal International Documentary Festival.
In CUCHILLO DE PALO, Renate Costa tells the story of Rodolfo, her uncle, whose dead body was found lying on the floor. In her quest to find out about his life, she finds out that Rodolfo had been included in the "108 homosexual lists", arrested and tortured in Paraguay under Stroessner´s dictatorship. A film where two generations come face to face: the one that lived under the didactorship, and the one that lives in democracy. Inside Rodolfo's story we find the entire history of Paraguay. The film was presented this year at the Berlinale’s Panorama Section and won Best Documentary at Málaga Film Festival.

Awards doclisboa 2010 - see all here

Cuchillo de PaloTonite Let’s All Make Love in London  

Sunday October 24th

Apart from this year's winning films screenings we would still like to suggest a few films on doclisboa 2010 last day. We also would like to remind you that the Joris Ivens and Marcel Ophuls Retrospectives continue at Cinemateca, until October 28th.
La Récolte du Riz au Japon” a Pathé short-film and Ogawa Shinsuke's “Japanese Village Furuyashiki-mura”, an impressive documentary about the 13 year-stay the director spent living and filming the peasants who survive on rice culture (3:30 p.m, Small Auditorium, Culturgest) are two important screenings within The City and he Countryside section.
Biquefarre”, Georges Rouquier. 37 years later, Rouquier returns to shoot the same family, who now has new problems (4:15 p.m, Alvalade, theater 3).
Peter Whitehead's “Tonite Let’s All Make Love in London” is a brit pop portrait starring Michael Caine, Vanessa Redgrave, Julie Christie, David Hockney, Lee Marvin, Allen Ginsberg, Eric Burdon and The Animals, The Small Faces, Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones and their enigmatic agent Andrew Loog Oldham (5:30 p.m, São Jorge, theater 1).
Komsomol (Song of Heroes)” is a celebration of Ivens' idealism and “Témoins” from director Robert Destanque, is a collection of testimonials and interviews with the father of the documentary. The films will be screened in the same session (7:30 p.m, São Jorge, theater 1).
Hitler’s Hit Parade” from directors Oliver Axer and Suzanne Benzer, gathers a curious composition of materials from cinematographic archives, amateur cinema, cartoons, educational films and propaganda. A collection of cultural, entertainment and unexpected references from the Nazi period.

Follow our suggestions

There are still many documentaries, special sessions, debates and retrospectives to follow until the 24th of October (programme will continue at Cinemateca until the 28th but only screening films from the retrospectives sections). Further information can be found on our facebook and twitter pages. Hear what we have to say on facebook:
http://www.facebook.com/apordoc and doclisboa's fan page:
Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/doclisboa Find out about guest directors, screenings, sold out films and doclisboa’s parties.
Cuchillo de PaloWhere is where?  

Thursday, October 21th

On Thursday doclisboa suggests “Where is Where?”, a Eija-Liisa Ahtila film that shows how history can affect our own perception of reality, based on a true event that occurred fifty years ago during the war in Algeria (5:30 p.m. Alvalade, theater 1).
Gustavo Pérez's “Avé Maria” portrays “new artisans” that risk their lives daily in a Cuban copper mine to dedicate themselves to the handicraft of the Charity Madonna's sanctuary (6 p.m Cinema Londres, theater 1).
With “Down Here” Comes Chahbazian portrays fragments of daily life in Erevan, the Armenian capital, two decades after the Soviet collapse (6:30 p.m, Cinema Londres, theater 2).
Culturgest will host once more Gianfranco Rosi with “El Sicario, Room 164” (9 p.m. Grand Auditorium) and José Vieira with “Le Bateau en Carton” (3.30 p.m. Small Auditorium). Every session at Culturgest, with the exception of “Boxing Gym” and “Totó”, will have a debate after the screening.
São Jorge surrenders once more to the music with “Yemen Travelogue” and director Michael Pilz will be there to talk about the journey to Shibam, the legendary “Manhattan of the Desert” (4 p.m, theater 3). Mika Hotakainen, one of “Steam of Life”'s directors, will present the curious film men tell their life stories from the inside of a sauna (21 p.m. Theater 3).
At Cinema Londres, Rita Bakacs and David Yon present their films (shown in the same screening), the short film “Mendelssohn Bartholdy” and the medium-length film “Les Oiseaux d’Arabie” (10.30 p. m. theater 1).
Cuchillo de PaloCuchilo de Palo  

Wednesday, October 20th

doclisboa will post daily suggestions with films, guest directors, debates and conversations with the audience, diversifying the selection among the many sections of the festival.
On Wednesday we have the brilliant “Cuchillo de Palo
(4.30p.m. Londres, theater 2) from director Renate Costa. Inside Rodolfo's story we find the entire history of Paraguay. The film was presented this year at the Berlinale’s Panorama Section and won Best Documentary at Málaga Film Festival.
Concerning to the Joris Ivens Retrospective, we bring special focus to “New Earth”, about the drainage of Zuirderzee and the repercussions of the 1929 Great Depression, as well as the touching “Borinage”, a social portrait about the daily life of the coal mines (both films screen at 5 p.m. São Jorge, theater 3).
Marcel Ophuls directed “Veilée d’Armes”, a wonderful documentary about the work of war reporters, photographers and correspondents. A retrospective worth following (11.30a.m. Alvalade, theater 1).
Let Each One go Where he May” portrays the forced migrations and Suriname’s slaves. The film won the Punto de Vista award for Best Film at Navarra Documentary Film Festival (10.45 p.m. Culturgest, Small Auditorium). The director, Ben Russel, will present the session and stay for the public debate.
Culturgest hosts Gianfranco Rosi to talk about “El Sicario, Room 164” where a Juaréz (México) murderer talks about his crimes and reveals drug traffic secrets. The film won the Critics prize at the Venice Film Festival (6 p.m. Small Auditorium). After the session a debate will follow. José Vieira will present the “Le Bateau en Carton”, a film about Gypsies’ that are being driven out of Paris (9 p.m. Grand Auditorium). After the film we will host a debate about the current situation in France.
Eva Vila will be at São Jorge to talk about her film,“B-Side”, a musical journey thorugh Barcelona (5:30 p.m. theater 1). Also in the Heartbeat section, the director of “Songs from the Nickel”, Alina Skrzeszewska, reveals the intimacy of those who live in an hotel room for a nickel (9p.m. theater 3).
At Cinema Londres we will find John Appel talking about cards game addiction in “The Player” (4 p.m. theater 1), and Michael Madsen presenting “Into Eternity” (10:30 p.m. theater 1) and discuss the future of humanity with the audience.
José & Pilar  

A film about the lives of José Saramago and Pílar del Rio opens doclisboa 2010


“José & Pilar”, from Portuguese director Miguel Gonçalves Mendes, is the opening film at doclisboa. It portays the intimacy between José Saramago and Pilar del Rio. The film received excellent reviews on its world premiere at Rio de Janeiro Film Festival, on September. 25th.
The director of “Autografia” (a film about the Portuguese artist Mário Cesariny) moved hundreds of people and was screened at a sold out theater. The Portuguese premiere is on October 14th at 9 p.m., at the Grand Auditorium, Culturgest.
Joris Ivens  

Doclisboa 2010 – a strong focus on Portuguese cinema


The VIII doclisboa - international film festival gathers almost forty Portuguese documentaries, an impressive number among the almost 200 films that complete the programme. The focus on Portuguese documentary scene is transversal to the festival's sections. Miguel Gonçalves Mendes opens the programme with “José & Pilar”,
the Portuguese master Manoel de Oliveira has three of his works in The City and the Countryside section ("Douro, Faina Fluvial", "O Pintor e a Cidade" e "O Pão"), along with “Painéis de São Vicente de Fora – Visão Poética” (Special Screenings). Mário Patrocínio's film, “Complex – Parallel Universe” (Portuguese Premieres) was sold out before the festival even began
A Cidade e o Campo  

Lisbon Docs Forum starts at Culturgest


This year's Lisbon Docs - a co-production between APORDOC and EDN - European Documentary Network - will take place at doclisboa between October 12th until the 16th. This workshop gained an important role among the festival dynamics.
Lisbon Docs aims mainly at directors and producers who want to develop documentary projects with help from international tutors and experts, as well as financial support from European co-producers. Roberto Blatt - Chello Multicanal, (Spain) Anna Flora Gregory - Al Jazeera English, (United Kingdom) , Anna Glogowski - France Télévisions (France) are some of this supporters, starting October 12th at 10.00 a.m., at Culturgest, with the tutors and the participants presentations..
Joris Ivens  

Malick Sidibé’s photography exhibition
at Palácio das Galveias

This wonderful exhibition of Malick Sidibé’s work, commissioned by the hasselblad Foundation shows 85 photographs in display at Palácio das Galveias until the end of October. The admission is free.
The photographer from Mali, whose work appears in the offical poster of doclisboa film festival, was awarded the Photo España Baume & Mercier 2009 Prize. In 2008 his career was distinguished by the International Center of Photography in New York and in 2007 he was awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale. In 2003 he also won the Hasselblad Award (Switzerland).
A Cidade e o Campo  

docs 4 kids workshops and school screenings
– admissions are now open

What does a traveller carry in his backpack? What sounds and sights follow his footsteps? What if we did this same path too? What would we carry? To portray this process of undergoing discoveries, of another culture and of ourselves will be possible through the docs 4 kids’ workshop. Open to children from 7 to 12, with previous admission. School screenings are also available to 10th grade classes and up.
Marcel Ophüls  

Marceline Loridan-Ivens Masterclass

Marceline Loridan-Ivens is a documentary filmmaker and a cinema living legend. She survived the horror of the Birkenau-Auschwitz concentration camp and tells part of her deportation experience in  Edgar Morin and jean Rouch’s film “Chronique d'un Été” (awarded the Critics Prize at Cannes Film Festival 1960).

In 1962 she codirects "Algérie, Année Zero" and later, with Joris Ivens, creates her own production company. Together they direct "17ème Parallèle", "Comment Yukong Déplaça les Montagnes" and "Une Histoire de Vent" – a relation of symbiosis which lasts more than three decades. After Joris Ivens’ death, Marceline directs "La Petite Prairie aux Bouleaux", an autobiographical fiction starring Anouk Aimée, and publishes a memoires book «Ma Vie Balagan", in 2008.

Jørgen Leth  

Jorgen Leth Masterclass – October 18th

Jørgen Leth, says Lars von Trier, is the greatest nordic documentary filmmaker, is a natural born agitator. Despite his work’s conceptual strictness – presented this year by doclisboa through a retrospective – Jørgen Leth defines his working credo stating that “a film is a series of images put together. It is not a sequence, not a story, just a series of images. Nothing else.

The images’ order is less important than the image itself. The final consequence of this assumption is that we can blindly gather the images. I find chance very inspiring. I give chance a mean of expression in my films, during the shooting and also when we’re editing. One way or the other, I always invite chance or luck to my game”.

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photos 2010 edition

Exhibition Malick Sidibé
Exhibition of 85 photographs of Malian photographer.
From 29 September until end October,
tue. to fri., 10 a.m. - 7p.m.
sat. and sun., 2 p.m. - 7 p.m.

doclisboa Vidotheque
1250 titles submitted to doclisboa video library are available at the festival with 18 viewing stations - from 11:00 to 21:00
more info: videoteca@apordoc.org



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