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Programme doclisboa 2008
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October 28 – tuesday

10 years of Apordoc
The state of Portuguese documentaries
Apordoc was officially founded as an association on the 15th of July 1998 with the goal of contributing to the development of a culture of documental cinema. To commemorate the association’s 10th anniversary, and as a conclusion to this edition of doclisboa, the festival will present several events on the state of Portuguese documentaries.
By tracing a review of its activity, it is first necessary to question the state of health of Portuguese documentary. What has changed in ten years? What were the founder’s dreams and those who supported it? What is today’s reality?

28 OCT. 18.00, Londres (room 1)
Documentaries subsidized by the Portuguese Institute for Cinema and Audiovisuals
in the last 10 years

28 OCT. 18.30, Londres (room 1)
10 years of co-productions, what results?

28 OCT. 19.00, Londres (room 1)
The Architect and the Old City
(O Arquitecto e a Cidade Velha)
Catarina Alves Costa
60’ Portugal

The architect Álvaro Siza and his team are called to coordinate the Cidade Velha rehabilitation project in the island of Santiago, Cape Verde. The aim is to make the city’s application to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Cidade Velha is a historic place: formerly called Ribeira Grande, it was the first city founded by the Portuguese in Cape Verde (1462). The process creates a great deal of expectations amongst the local population, who envisage it as a way of improving their life quality. This film tells the story of two worlds meeting each other - the architect and the population, while following some of the stories that happened in those three years…

28 OCT. 21.30, Londres (room 1)
New documental series of RTP (Portuguese Radio and Television)

28 OCT. 22.30, Londres (room 1)
The Cathedral (A Catedral)
Graça Castanheira
50’ Portugal

The quotation mens sana in corpore sano dates twenty centuries back. In a time when there’s twice the number of health clubs in Lisbon than those that exist in public health centres, six characters, from 24 to 70 years old, explain to us their reasons for visiting a popular “health club” in the Portuguese capital on a regular basis. The body as the ultimate idea of cult.

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