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Programme doclisboa 2008
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October 16 - thursday

16 OCT. 17.30 - Londres (room 1) | 18 OCT. 11.00 – Culturgest (small auditorium)
Juvenile Court  FW 
Frederick Wiseman
144´ USA 1973
Juvenile Court shows the complex variety of cases before the Memphis Juvenile Court: foster home placement, drug abuse, armed robbery, child abuse, and sexual offences. The sequences show the conflicts between community protection and the desire for rehabilitation, the range and the limits of choices available to the court, the psychology of the offender, and the constitutional and procedural questions involved in the administration of a juvenile court.

16 OCT. 18.00 - Londres (room 2) | 22 OCT. 16.15 – Culturgest (small auditorium)
Hold Me tight, Let Me Go  SE 
Kim Longinotto
100´ UK 2007

The Mulberry Bush School in Oxfordshire is a boarding school where children are sent when other institutions are no longer able to contain them. It has 40 children and 108 staff, a ratio that seems generous until you see how the staff has to put up the beatings, kicking and insults from these children with severe emotional trauma. Excluded from school for extreme behaviour, and often coming from dysfunctional families, they are given three years at the Oxford boarding school to try to turn their lives around. The children slam from one emotional extreme to another, but can also, from time to time, express some tenderness.

16 OCT. 20.30 – Culturgest (large auditorium) | 18 OCT. 22.30 - Londres (room 1)
Z32  SE 
Avi Mograbi
81´ France/Israel 2008

An Israeli ex-soldier who participated in a revenge operation where two Palestinian policemen were murdered seeks forgiveness for what he has done. His girlfriend does not think it is that simple, raisin issues he is not yet ready to address. The soldier willingly testifies for the camera as long as his identity is not exposed. While the filmmaker keeps looking for the proper solution in concealing the soldier’s identity, he questions his own political and artistic conduct. Z32 centers itself in a difficult frontier between the disturbing testimony of the soldier and its artistic representation.

16 OCT. 20.30 - Londres (room 1) | 23 OCT. 14.00 – Culturgest (small auditorium)
Polish Contemporary Short Films  CP 
Silence I, Maciej Cuske - 2004, 19’
By the River, Magda Kowalczyk - 2006, 11’
The Cupboard , Jacob Dammas - 2007, 27’
The Booth of Fortune, Lesaw Dobrucki - 10’
The Lord of the Rims, Kuba Maciejko - 2007, 12’
52 Per Cent, Rafat Skalski - 2007, 20’
Take a Look, Adam Palenta - 2008, 4’
Zietek, de Bartosz Blaschke - 2008, 16'

16 OCT. 21.00 - Londres (room 2) | 22 OCT. 11.00 – Culturgest (large auditorium)
The Last Letter (La Dernière Lettre)  FW 
Frederick Wiseman
61´ France/USA 2002

A film with a specific face and body: the one that belongs to Anna Semyonovna (interpreted by French actress Catherine Samie). The Last Letter is based on a chapter of Vasily Grossman’s novel “Life and Fate”. It is 1941 and a Ukrainian ghetto has fallen to the Nazis. All of its Jewish residents are to be murdered. In the midst of the impending horror, the town’s physician, a woman named Anna Semionova, dictates one final letter to her son, who is safe outside of enemy lines. The letter, with its detailed observations of the daily life in a ghetto, reveals the fear, courage, frailty, compassion and dignity of this woman..

16 OCT. 22.30 - Londres (room 1) | 24 OCT. 20.45 – Culturgest (small auditorium)
Le Temps des Amoureuses  SE 
de Henri-François Imbert
83´França 2008
A film that started with a causal encounter between a man who performed in a movie thirty years ago and a filmmaker who unconditionally loves it. We’re talking about Mes Petites Amoureuses (1974), a film by Jean Eustache; and a meeting in Narbonne, the same place where the film was made and where these two men get to know each other. The youngest one, French director Henri-François Imbert, a profound admirer of Eustache’s movie, begins to film a documentary about the shooting of Mes Petites Amoureuses. Hilaire, who participated in this film, remembers those days, the crew atmosphere and the get-together on the set.

16 OCT. 22.45 – Culturgest (small auditorium) | 19 OCT. 17.30 – Londres (room 1)
Uncle Rithy  SE 
Jean-Marie Barbe
97´ France 2008
In Sihanoukville, during the shooting of his film The Sea Wall, the Cambodian filmmaker Rithy Panh looks back on his own work in the past twenty years, from Site 2 to The Burnt Theatre, not forgetting the film that is symbolic of his whole work, S21 – The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine. Between a cinema lesson and thoughts about the documentary genre, this film outlines the moral and ethical limits of filmmaking.

16 OCT. 23.00 – Culturgest (large auditorium) | 21 OCT. 21.00 - Londres (room 2)
I'll be your Mirror  DF 
Nan Goldin and Edmund Coulthard
50´ France/USA 1996
Nan Golding, a living symbol of the artistic world, evokes her extraordinary life and one of the most exemplary creative legacies in the history of photography. Her work, known for portraying the middle-class American upbringing and for capturing the wild and liberating side of the 1970’s New York underground, finds in this film a new way of looking at her career. Through interviews with her closest friends, video recordings and stills, Goldin recalls the time of a generation.

16 OCT. 23.00 - Londres (room 2) | 18 OCT. 16.30 – Culturgest (large auditorium)
Meat  FW 
Frederick Wiseman
113´ USA 1976

Meat traces the process through which cattle and sheep become consumer goods. It depicts the processing and transportation of meat products by a highly automated packing plant. A relentless study on the large food industry in America and the ruthless efficiency of its production machine.

16 OCT. 23.00 – São Jorge (room 1) | 25 OCT. 23.30 – São Jorge (room 3)
The Mistery of Samba
(O Mistério do Samba)
Lula Buarque de Hollanda and Carolina Jabor
88´ Brazil 2008

Premiered in the last edition of Cannes Film Festival, this film is a fair and thrilling tribute of singer Marisa Monte to the traditional samba of Velha Guarda (Old School), a project that goes back to the year of 1998 when the artist started her research for the album Tudo Azul. Prepared with a tape recorder, the Brazilian artist is followed by the pair of directors Lula Buarque de Hollanda and Carolina Jabor around the streets of Oswaldo Cruz, a neighbourhood on the North of Rio de Janeiro, taking statements from the samba veterans who made the history of Portela, the dance school that has won more titles in the Carnaval of Rio de Janeiro than any other.

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