Doclisboa is a festival of documentary film. It is competitive and open to a range of genres and tendencies, giving priority to new ways of thinking, of seeing the world and of communicating. D oclisboa was the most popular film festival in Lisbon in 2004, attracting audiences of 13,500.
Doclisboa is the only Portuguese film festival exclusively dedicated to the documentary and forms part of the European Cinema Festival Network (Coordenação Europeia de Festivais de Cinema).

In 2005 it will maintain the principal objectives of last year's festival:

•  To show Portuguese audiences a range of important and award-winning international films that have not yet been shown in Lisbon cinemas.
•  To encourage deeper reflection on contemporary themes related to the present day. This year the theme is Nationalisms, identities and frontiers.
•  To become acquainted with the cinematography of other countries in a more systematic way. This year the country selected for analysis is Russia.
•  To question the state of the Portuguese documentary: what   documentaries are being made today in Portugal? What kind of resources are available and what are the results? What parts do the various entities play: television, the Portuguese Film Insitute (ICAM), producers, film-makers.
•  To organize debates which sensitize audiences to important films and to reflect on associated themes present in various works.

Doclisboa 2005 is organised by Apordoc (Portuguese Documentary Association) as a co-production with Culturgest and has the financial support of the Portuguese Film Institute (ICAM) the Portuguese Ministry of Culture and the Lisbon City Council.



Organization: Apordoc
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