Doclisboa 2008
Call for entries

doclisboa 2007 is still running at the extensions of the festival, but we are already preparing the 6th edition of the festival that will happen between 16 to 26 October 2008. Call for entries for doclisboa 2008 will be online in February 2008, at www.doclisboa.org.

Films screened in doclisboa edited in dvd

In the 5th edition of Lisbon International Documentary Film Festival were edited in dvd, by Midas Filmes, four portuguese documental films (A Dama de Chandor, by Catarina Mourão, Fleurette, by Sérgio Tréfaut, O Arquitecto e a Cidade Velha, by Catarina Alves Costa and Pintura Habitada, by Joana Ascenção - Grand Prize for best long Portuguese Documentary, doclisboa 2006), as result of a common effort between doclisboa and Midas Filmes.
Now were edited more four films screened during the 5th edition of doclisboa: Sketches of Frank Gehry, by Sidney Pollack, Uncovering Michael Moore, by Debbie Melnyck and Rick Caine, As Duas Faces da Guerra, by Diana Andringa and Cuba, Une Odissée Africaine, by Jihan El Tahri (the last two were in competition on the section Investigations). Also to point out the recent edition of Natal 71, by Margarida Cardoso.
More information here.

Doclisboa at IDFA
International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam

Get to know Apordoc – Portuguese Documentary Association through its main events:

doclisboa – Lisbon International Documentary Film Festival:
From 16th to 26th October 2008, the entire world fits into Lisbon
The 2007 edition had 32600 spectators
lisbon docs – Financing and Co-production Fórum for Documentary Film:
22th to 26th October 2008 - The workshop and pitching session taking place in the framework of doclisboa festival
Doc’s Kingdom – International Documentary Film Seminar:
In June, in Serpa (a small town south of Lisbon), a gathering to share ideas
and experiences on documentary film
docs.pt – documentary film magazine:
Twice a year, a bilingual magazine dedicated exclusively to documentary film

You can meet Apordoc members Ana Isabel Santos Strindberg and Sérgio Tréfaut at IDFA:

  • Ana Isabel Santos Strindberg (apordoc’s board member & doclisboa artistic director)
    Mobile: + 351 93 870 16 87
    Email: anaisabel@doclisboa.org
  • Sérgio Tréfaut (doclisboa artistic director)
    Mobile: + 351 917847794
    Email: faux_pt@yahoo.com

It would be a pleasure to welcome you in one of our next editions events!

Festival had 32 600 spectators

The 5th edition of Lisbon International Documentary Film Festival surpassed expectations: in eleven days had passed for the six rooms that had received the festival 32 601 spectators, more 10 100 spectators that in 2006. More information here.

prize winners

These Girls by Tahani Rached, Era Preciso Fazer as Coisas, by Margarida Cardoso and Three Comrades, by Masha Novikova are the winners of International, National and Investigations CompetitionS, respectively.

These Girls [CI]   Era preciso fazer as coisas [P]   Three comrades [I]

The documentary film festival goes on with Marathonadoc, at São Jorge Cinema, and with the screening of the winner films at Culturgest.
Winner films screening time-table here, prize winners here.

doclisboa 2007
In only six days festival has already more spectators than in the last edition

Untill 23 October, six days after it´s beginning, doclisboa already captivated more spectatores than in 2006: 23 207
Today, the seven day of the festival, started with a masterclass by Lech Kowalski, at 10.30 a.m, at the Large Auditorium, in Culturgest. And the day goes on with a many screenings of the retrospective dedicated to the filmmaker: On Hitler´s Highway, 14h15, Small Auditorium, Culturgest, Born to Lose, 18h15, Small Auditorium, Culturgest, The Boot Factory, 20h45, Small Auditorium, Culturgest.
Meanwhile, also in Culturgest, at the large auditorium and in room 1 at Cinema Londres continues the screening of films of the International Competition, and in room 2 of Cinema Londres, the National Competition.
And today is the last day in Cinema Londres. From tomorrow on Cinema São Jorge will be the second home of the festival, where next sunday will happen the Docmarathon.
The nights of the festival, Afterdocs, will receive today, at midnight, a special evening: Fado Vadio, a very tipical portuguese kind of music, that was programmed thinking mainly in the international guests that are by these days at the festival.

doclisboa 2007

The entire world already fits into Lisbon

The 5th Lisbon International Documentary Film Festival started last thursday, the 18 October, with the screening of “Taxi to the Dark Side”, from Alex Gibney. Culturgest is, once again, the house of the only portuguese documentary film festival. See the programme, day by day, here.

doclisboa 2007: Programme already available

The programme of the 5th Lisbon International Documentary Film Festival is available here (pdf: 1.5 MB).
The complete english version will be available within the next days.
Tickets already for sale on the ticketlines of Culturgest, Cinema Londres and Cinema São Jorge. Ticketlines time-tables here.
Programme - pdf: 1.5 MB

Doclisboa 2007: Highlights of the programme already presented

First Press Conference, July, 19th, 2007

The highlights of the programme of the 5th Lisbon International Documentary Film Festival, and the news of this edition, were presented to the press and to the festival sponsors on the 19 July, in Culturgest. This edition will have more screening rooms, a retrospective of the work of Lech Kowalski, and new sections: Filmed Diaries and Portraits ( sponsored by Augusto M. Seabra), North Wind (in colaboration with the Filmkontakt Nord) and Riscos e Ensaios (a non competitive section that aims to debate the shape and script of films, speccialy the ones that cross the line between documentary and feature films).
From 18 to 28 October, the whole world fits into Lisbon.