lisbon docs
24 to 27 October
A forum for co-productions and funding for documentary films

workshops for producers – public pitching session – masterclass with screenings – networking


The 8th edition of lisbon docs is promoted by AporDoc - Portuguese Documentary Association and EDN - European Documentary Network, within the programme “Documentary in the South of Europe”.

lisbon docs is financing and co-production forum for documentary film which takes place in the framework of doclisboa – international Documentary Film Festival.

  • The program consists of:
  • workshop for producers/directors,
  • pitching public session
  • masterclass

october 25th – 27th
project development workshop

Portuguese, western and eastern European independent documentary filmmakers and producers work on their projects for three days, in an intense and creative atmosphere. 15 proposals for documentaries have been selected by EDN to be discussed, developed and improved by colleagues and a tutor team of internationally experienced producers and directors:

  • Margarida Cardoso, director (Portugal)
  • Steven Seidenberg, producer (UK)
  • Marco Wilms, director (Germany)
  • James Hayes, Comm. Editor da BBC (UK)
  • Leena Pasanen, EDN director (Finland)
  • Audrius Stonys, director (Lithuania)
  • Sibylle Kurz, Pitching Consultant (Germany)

This workshop is only open to participants, who are also trained in the presentation of their projects for the public pitching session (Oct. 27th).

october 25th 16h30 – big auditorium
Screening of the film In the House of Angels
Margreth Olin, Norway, 97’, 1998

In the House of Angels explores everyday life in the Sandeheim home for the elderly in Norway. The film provides suggestive insight into an issue rarely dealt with in such a sensible and respectful way. The characters get close to the camera, and once they are alone with the film crew, they use it as an intimate friend to whom they can confess, express their despair, or confide their opinions. It is also a provocative film, as it confronts its audience with their own attitude to, not only old age, but humanity in general. Thus on one hand, this film is a much-needed hymn to old age portrayed with warmth and humour, while on the other it questions the idea of the Welfare State. Does this seeming inability to incorporate humanity in the daily lives of these people mean that the idea of the welfare state has failed?

october 25th 18h30 – small auditorium
Master class with filmmaker Margreth Olin

Margreth Olin will show excerpts from her films Raw Youth, My Body, In the House of Angels and Pia's World, a documentary Margreth never finished and is the base of her current work, the fiction The Angel. Margreth Olin will talk about making full feature documentary films for the cinema, and thoughts around method and how to reach the audience.

Born in Norway, Margreth Olin is the author of several awarded documentaries. Her first full-length documentary In the House of Angels was released theatrically in Norway in 1998. Her breakthrough came with the film My Body, which created a big debate in the medias and won the Silver Wolf competition IDFA 2002 among many other prizes.
Her latest film Raw Youth has been seen by more than 60 000 at Norwegian cinemas and was nominated for the European Film Award, best documentary, 2005.
Filmography: In the House of Love (1994); My Uncle (1997); In The House of Angels (1998); Gluttony (2000); My body (2002); Raw Youth (2004); Lullaby (2006)

october 27th – 10h00 to 15h00 – small auditorium
15 projects, previously selected by EDN for their potential appeal to the international market and developed during 3-day workshop, are presented to a panel of decision-makers from documentary funding institutions and leading European channels in international co-productions:

1. Bruni Burres, Sundance Institute, USA
2. Burgl Czeitschner, ORF, Áustria
3. Caroline Behar, France 5, France
4. Claudia Schreiner, MDR, Germany
5. Greg Sanderson, BBC Storyville, UK
6. Jordi Ambrós, TVC, Spain
7. Nick Ware, Community Channel, UK
8. Olaf Grunert, ARTE, France
9. Ritva Leino, YLE Teema, Finland
10. Roberto Blatt, MultiCANAL, Spain
11. Wim van Rompaey, Lichpunkt, Belgium

It's a show of what we can expect from documentarists in Portugal and other European countries. 15 minutes are given to each project - half of the time to the producers/directors, the other half to reactions from the Experts. The main goal of a Pitching Session is to secure financing for documentary projects. Thus, to be in the audience is a unique chance to observe what works and what does not work in today’s international non-fiction market!

This year the selected projects are:

6 Octaves Agata Rzepka/ Kinga Dębska (Point Of View, Poland)
Ansgt Graça Castanheira/Sofia Sousa (Filmes do Tejo, Portugal)
Bottled Life Urs Schnell / Dodo Hunziker (Doklab, Switzerland)
Class of '68 Edward Goldstein / Clémentine Mourão Ferreira (Les Films De L'Après-Midi, France)
Dilli Chalo - Let's go to Delhi Bishnu Dev Halder (Bee Pee Motion Pictures, India)
extraction - the life of a Chinese movie extra Bart Van Langendonck (Savage Film, Belgium)
Mostar United Claudia Tosi / Edoardo Fracchia (Stefilm International, Italy)
Next Year in Jerusalem Muriel Sorbo/Regis Sauder (Les Films du Tambour de Soie,
Nowhere in Europe Michael Truckenbrodt (Time Prints – film, Germany/Poland)
Tarrafal – A Concentration Camp in Slow Death João Paradela (Portugal)
The American in Warsaw Wojtek Szczudlo / Ryszard Kaczynski (Film Studio Kalejdoskop, Poland)
Trial of a Child Denied Dana Wilson (Mortal Coil Media, Czech Republic)
Twin Walls Sandro Araújo/Sónia Laima (Muzzak Produções, Portugal)
Wooden Knife Marta Andreu / Renate Costa / Susana Benito (EstudiPlaytime, Spain)

[Master Class and Pitching Session are open to public, within the availability of seats]

lisbon docs takes place since 1998 and is promoted by Apordoc – Portuguese Documentary Association with EDN – European Documentary Network in the framework of the programme “Documentary in the South of Europe”.

EDN- European Documentary Network + AporDOC - Portuguese Documentary Network
Leena Pasanen (EDN, Directora)
Hanne Skjodt (EDN, Coordenadora)
Rita Forjaz (Apordoc, Coordenação)
Henrique Barroso (Apordoc, produção)
Susana Sousa (Apordoc, produção)


For more information, please contact
Rita Forjaz - lisbondocs@sapo.pt  
Hanne Skjødt - hanne@edn.dk