Portuguese Competition

Prazer, Camaradas!

A Pleasure, Comrades!

José Filipe Costa

1975, the year after the Carnation Revolution. Eduarda, João and Mick come from Northern Europe to work in the co-ops in the occupied farms of Portugal. They come to help with the land and the livestock, give medical appointments and family planning classes, show sexual education films and participate in traditional dances. They ask a lot of things, but the “comrades from the South” have more questions than answers: Do you want to know who we are? How we treat our women and children? How we live together and how we love? Come! We will find each other peculiar, and we will surely disagree on many things, but it’s all part of this revolutionary celebration!

19:00 • CP/PC • 106’
Cinema São Jorge
Sala Manoel de Oliveira
10:30 • CP/PC • 106’
Grande Auditório

Portuguese Competition