Doclisboa wants to question the present of film, bringing along its history and assuming cinema as a mode of freedom. By refusing the categorization of film practice, it searches for the new problematics that cinematic image implies, in its multiple ways of engagement with the contemporary. Doclisboa tries to be a place to imagine reality through new modes of perception, reflection, and possible new forms of action.

Chytilová Versus Forman – Consciousness of Continuity

Chytilová Versus Forman

Věra Chytilová
Portuguese Premiere
1981 • Belgium • 84’
OCT 24 / 9.30 pm, São Jorge 3

An intellectual match between two dramatically different artists, one permanently unsure and frustrated and questioning everything, the other an astonishing storyteller perfectly at peace, unacquainted with introspection and reliant on intuition.


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