In 2019, Arché, the Creative Development Laboratory of Doclisboa and MRG//Work – Márgenes Film Festival’s Development and Production Encounter come together for a new project: the Arché→Work Residencies Project.
Arché→Work consists in series of activities including Arché lab, artistic residencies and MRG//WORK lab.
Born out of the synergy between these two laboratories, it focuses mainly on independent projects, giving priority to young filmmakers and producers and unique, innovative, consistent and relevant projects in the contemporary landscape. It is also dedicated to the training of non-fiction film researchers. Arché→Work is exclusively targeted to productions of Ibero-American countries and Italy. Applicants must send their projects in Portuguese or Spanish. Arché→Work activities will be held in Portuguese and Spanish.


Arché→Work aims at:
. Continuing and strengthing the partnership between Arché and MRG//Work, established since their first editions;
. Establishing Lisbon-Madrid axis into service of a plural and independent film industry of non-fiction film, and encourage co-productions between Ibermedia countries;
. Creating opportunities for producers and directors early in the thier career to access film markets, respecting and encouraging the artistic and economic specificities of each project;
. Encouraging the proximity between production and research.


Applicants may apply to:
. Arché (in the scope of Doclisboa)
. MRG//Work (in the scopet of Márgenes)
. Residencies Arché→Work (participation in two laboratories and in an artistic residency)


Arché – Doclisboa
17 – 27 October 2019, Lisbon
A series of project development workshops will be presented, dedicated to films at any stage of development. Participants will have the opportunity to pitch their projects to a professional audience and participate in one-to-one meetings as well as to follow a masterclasses and round tables programme. Two fellowships will also be open for an itinerant Research and Critic Workshop, whose second moment will take place in MARG // Work, in November

MRG//Work – Márgenes
20 – 30 November 2019, Madrid
During MRG//Work lab, participants will pitch their projects to a group of experts and participate in one-to-one tutorships. This activity welcomes projects at any stage of development. The masterclasses and round tables programme initiated in Arché will continue here, as well as the second moment of the Research and Critic Workshop.

Residencies Arché→Work
October 17 – November 30 2019, Lisbon and Madrid
These residencies will consist of a series of activities to be developed for six weeks at Arché and MRG//Work: development workshops, presentations and individual meetings with film professionals, masterclasses and a Research and Critic Workshop. Participants will be in artistic residency from October 28 to November 19.

Calls open on March 15th 2019.