New Visions

Living and Knowing You’re Alive

Être Vivant et Le Savoir

Alain Cavalier

Novelist and screenwriter Emmanuèle Bernheim and filmmaker Alain Cavalier have been friends for 30 years. They are preparing a film based on her autobiography, Tout s’est bien passé. In it, she tells how her father asked her to “end it” in the wake of a heart attack. Cavalier suggests that she plays herself, and that he plays her father. One winter morning, Emmanuèle calls Alain: they will have to postpone the shoot until the spring, as she needs an urgent operation.

21:45 • R/NV • 82’
Cinema São Jorge
Sala 3
16:00 • R/NV • 82’
Grande Auditório

New Visions