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Project development in dialogue workshop

This workshop is intended for projects in writing and editing stage, aiming to establish a dialogue between the different moments of creation and production of a film.

— Workshop held in Spanish


Andrés Duque

Andrés Duque is a Spanish filmmaker who was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He works on the fringes of Spanish non-fiction with a strong documentary and essay-like orientation. His films were shown and awarded at major international film festivals such as Cinéma du Réel, Punto de Vista and Buenos Aires. In 2012, he was invited to the Flaherty Film Seminar.




by Andréia Pires, Leonardo Mouramateus
Production: Praia à Noite (Brazil)
Fortaleza, northeast Brazil, is the seventh most violent city in the world. Messages written in the walls in the outskirts of town lay out who controls it. At the city centre there’s a famous theatre-monument. On centre stage there’s a woman. Inside the woman there’s a scream.


Fantasmas: Caminho Longo para Casa / Ghosts: Long Way Home
by Tiago Siopa
Production: Primeira Idade (Portugal)
In the small town of Benedita, Portugal, after a purification ritual with his paternal grandmother, the oldest grandson of a family from the industrial area finds the ghost of his late maternal grandmother who still lives in her old home.


La Playa de los Enchaquirados / The Beach of Enchaquirados
by Iván Mora Manzano
Production: Corporación La República Invisible (Ecuador)
Vicky is a fisherman by day, and the female owner of a bar by night. Through her we discover a trans community within a fishing village in Ecuador. How did a third world, desolate hamlet managed to have a this special kind of freedom and tolerance?


La Vida en Común
by Ezequiel Yanco
Production: Pablo Chernov, Ezequiel Yanco (Argentina)
Co-production: Dublin Films (France)
A puma prowls Pueblo Nación Ranquel. Uriel distances himself from his friend, Isaías, who wants to go out and hunt it with the teenagers. La vida en común focuses on Uriel’s perspective, and on his transition to adolescence, mixing fiction and documentary.


Writing and project development workshop

This workshop is intended for projects in the writing stage, aiming at thematic development and reflection upon the strategies to be developed in the film, as well as the creation of a dossier/script and reflection on production structures. Coordinated by Marta Andreu.

— Workshop held in Spanish


Marta Andreu

Coordinated the Master in Documentary Creation at the Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona) from 2001 to 2016. Started the film production company Estudi Playtime in 2004. Academic coordinator at DocMontevideo Festival, programme consultant for Visions du Réel, and member of the World Cinema Fund commission
at the Berlinale. Her films were shown in festivals such as Berlinale, Rotterdam, Cannes, Cinéma du Réel, Visions du Réel, Festival dei Popoli or Viennale.




Amor e Medos Estranhos / Love and Strange Fears
by Deborah Viegas
Production: Deborah Viegas (Brazil)
Among VHS-c tapes with memories of her childhood, a daughter finds recordings of her late father’s extramarital affairs. The film reconstructs the steps of this man, whilst the daughter’s voiceover questions his gaze and provides her father’s narrative with new meaning.


by Carlos Pardos Ros
Production: Dvein Films (Spain)
Tonight, ghosts dressed in blue live Pamplona’s festivities. They dance, drink and talk as if it were their last night, as was H’s, who in 1969, dressed in blue, was the 8th dead in the history of San Fermin’s bull run.


O Sul no Inverno
by Nathalie Mansoux, Miguel Moraes Cabral
Production: Garden Films (Portugal), Les Films du Balibari (France)
In 1995, Fifi’s lifelong dream comes true: to have his own museum in a small village in the West of France, where he gathers his vast personal collection of mechanical musical instruments, which are the result of findings, purchases, and thousands of hours of repairs. Fifi is now 60 years old and wants to change his life. He decided to sell his museum, leave his family, his village and his routines, and take to the road with his dog, Nipper, and his donkey, Ivanhoe.


O Tempo das Coisas
de / by Catarina Botelho
Produção / Production: Terratreme Filmes (Portugal, Espanha / Portugal, Spain)
Productivity is a core value of Western societies nowadays. We believe we have to live each and every minute of our days in a useful manner. Expropriated of our time, do we really own our lives? O Tempo das Coisas is a reflexion on time, work and life.



Viewing and discussion of works-in-progress workshop

This workshop welcomes work-in-progress films – projects that have already been shot, presently in the editing stage, which will be discussed in terms of their final form. Workshop coordinated by Luciano Rigolini

— Workshop held in English


Luciano Rigolini

Luciano Rigolini is an independent producer. He was ARTE’s TV channel commissioning editor, where he was responsible for auteur documentary film. He has always sought new narrative forms, in the interest of keeping independent film alive and innovative. He produced works by directors such as Chris Marker, Alexander Sukurov, Naomi Kawase, Alain Cavalier, Apichatpong Weerasethakul and Tsai Ming-Liang, and he also discovered many young talents. Currently teatches at Universidad de Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona).




A Media Voz / Whispering
by Patricia Perez, Heidi Hassan
Production: Matriuska Producciones (Spain), Producciones de la 5ta Avenida (Cuba), Perspective Film (France), PCT cinéma télévision (Switzerland)
This self-ethnographic documentary is based on the audio-visual correspondence between two emigrant female Cuban filmmakers. The two childhood friends are close to turning 40, and they try to rebuild themselves away from Cuba, whilst facing the challenges of emigration.


El Creador / The Creator
by Guillermina Chiariglione, Ignacio Seligra
Production: Vecinas Cine (Argentina)
El creador is a film which explores the changes a small community has to deal with when the road comes their way. The colony Puerto Paraiso is at a crucial moment of its history. The world they once knew is vanishing slowly before their eyes.


La Excusa del Sueño Americano / The Excuse of the American Dream
by Florencia de Mugica, Laura Mara Tablón
Production: Rita Cine (Argentina)
Co-Production: weltfilm (Germany)
Silvana is an Argentinian woman who left her country and her daughter, Florencia, in 2002 to look for a better future in Miami. 16 years later, Florencia goes looking for the real Miami, and uses the documentary as an excuse to try to connect with her mother for the first time.


Viagem aos Makonde de Moçambique / A Jorney to the Makonde of Mozambique
by Catarina Alves Costa
Production: Midas Filmes (Portugal)
A journey to the hinterland that little by little unfolds the circumstances in which ethnologists Jorge and Margot Dias carried out field work among the Makonde in 1958 and in 1961, when Portugal dominated Mozambique. A path based on films, texts and sounds, and on the impact they have on the people we come across along this journey.

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