Doclisboa wants to question the present of film, bringing along its history and assuming cinema as a mode of freedom. By refusing the categorization of film practice, it searches for the new problematics that cinematic image implies, in its multiple ways of engagement with the contemporary. Doclisboa tries to be a place to imagine reality through new modes of perception, reflection, and possible new forms of action.

Video as Evidence

In the YouTube era, there’s a steady upload of images recorded and broadcasted with the goal of exposing power abuses on the part of state structures. What happens to those images? What is the political role of the archive, and in what way can it counter the perennial nature associated with this kind of dissemination methods? How can these images protect, but also insult?


In the presence of Helen Yanovsky (B’Tselem), Vincent Carelli (Vídeo nas Aldeias) and José Gomes Pinto (researcher).
The talk will be held in English, with no translation.


Free admittance by picking up a ticket on the same day from 8 pm on. The entrance in the session will be by means of a donation to the firefighters, exchangeable by a ticket for the session.

OCT 25 / 9.30 pm, São Jorge 2

Casa do Cinema
Rua da Rosa, 277 - 2º
1200-385 Lisboa
+351 914 570 001
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