Doclisboa wants to question the present of film, bringing along its history and assuming cinema as a mode of freedom. By refusing the categorization of film practice, it searches for the new problematics that cinematic image implies, in its multiple ways of engagement with the contemporary. Doclisboa tries to be a place to imagine reality through new modes of perception, reflection, and possible new forms of action.
Round Table

Another America – The Unique Cinema of Quebec Retrospective

The Another America Retrospective presents a wide set of cinematographic proposals, which are born in the late 1950s with a group of francophone directors who bring direct cinema into their filmmaking, thus starting a unique tradition. Over the years a rich set of films emerged, both in terms of form and content, reflecting the cultural, historical, social and political complexity of the region. This round table will point to the several paths they opened, thinking about how they possess essential elements that are key to understand contemporary cinema.


In the presence of Cíntia Gil, José Manuel Costa, Denis Côté and Richard Brouillette.
The round table will be held in French, with simultaneous translation.
Free admittance. Tickets must be collected on that day.

OCT 23 / 3.30 pm, Cinemateca – Luís de Pina Cinema

Casa do Cinema
Rua da Rosa, 277 - 2º
1200-385 Lisboa
+351 914 570 001
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