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Round Table Neorealism and New Realisms

With the presence of: 
Augusto M. Seabra, Teresa Villaverde
Moderated by:
Davide Oberto


More than a particular moment in the history of film, Italian neorealism may be seen as one of the reading keys to some of subsequent filmmaking, including the modern ones. It appeared during a precise and relevant historical time – the fall of Fascism and the liberation. A time pushed by the urgency to find testimonial devices within a society emerging from a catastrophe. Neorealism stood out as one of the bravest and most fertile approaches as far as the relationship between filmmaking and the pursuit of new policies and social organisation were concerned. How may we identify throughout the times and in different parts of the world this meeting between, on the one hand, a collective experience of transformation of representations and of those political and social forms, and on the other hand, a reconfiguration of filmmaking based on the pursuit of a common identity, popular codes, and film testimonial power? Which strategies were invented and updated in those films between fiction and documentary? This Neorealism e New Realisms cycle proposes a debate on the founding moment within the Italian framework, its geographical dissemination, and its impact on other parts of the world, as well as the impressive revival of current realistic filmmaking, as is the case of Iran, the Philippines, China, Romania, and Portugal.

OCT 23 / 2.30 pm, Culturgest – Forum Debates

Free admittance. Tickets must be collected on that day.

Round Table held in English with no translation.