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Apordoc Lounge Debates

The Portuguese Documentary Association driven by Doclisboa’14 Portuguese programme and by the will to promote and to think, organises the APORDOC DEBATES. Promoting discussion about contemporary scene of Portuguese documentary.

19. October | 2pm | fórum debates, culturgest | the documentary support policy and the SECA
Following a struggled moment in the Portuguese scene by fulfilling the mission of the State to support the Cinema, was finally approved the new law of the Cinema and SECA – Specialised Section for Cinema and Audiovisual was born. Several entities of the sector and their associations are represented by SECA, which function and challenges still need to be discussed even an year after its creation.

20. October | 3pm | sala montepio, são jorge | talks based on the Portuguese programme
Meeting surrounding new films that are in a crossroad where a personal single story and the collective moment get mixed. Both mentioning the Carnation Revolution, a turning and also a starting point. Without reasons to celebrate ephemerides, let’s work on dreams…

21. October | 2pm | fórum debates, culturgest | what is to programme documentary films: APORDOC activities in context
What is the Programmer’s task? How does a Programmer deal with being responsible for the films people see? What is a programming policy? What is the relation established between a programme and the contemporary world? In this particular moment for cinema programming several Programmers are invited to think about their own work and also, about the current context of programming policy..

22. October | 3pm | sala montepio | talks based on the Portuguese programme
What makes a filmmaker get into other artists’ work? What is in the film process of the process of who is filming and vice versa? In a different way there are several films following artistic works. From plastic arts to performances we can here think: the strong and assorted interested of the Portuguese documentary in the artistic work.

23. October | 3pm | sala montepio | talks based on the Portuguese programme
At the unlikely crossroads between three radically different films, we propose to talk about common experiences, about life and cinema, and that place where they mingle. We’ll look back on the trajectories of the directors – Manuel Mozos, Edgar Pêra and Pierre Léon -, following the journey proposed by the films.

24. October | 11am | fórum debates, culturgest | PANORAMA PRESS CONFERENCE
Apordoc invites all its associates to join to the presentation of PANORAMA 9th edition. Dates, concepts and the programme lines of the exhibition will be announced.

25. October | 2.30pm | fórum debates, culturgest | final debate about the APORDOC activities in context:
what is to be a documentary films association? There are several organisations dedicated to the labour of supporting cinema. There are film societies or trade unions to groups of lovers and friends. There are actions: to promote, to take care, to programme, to educate, to put together, to think, to protect…What is the purpose of an association? Which way to act and think? A meeting to talk about each one their relations, what has been done and what remains to be?