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Lounge Doclisboa – Programme

Lounge Doclisboa located at Palácio Galveias is open during the festival with a special line up of parties and events.

Palácio Galveias’ Space opens its doors to the public. During the next 10 days this will be the ideal place to end the festival nights. We thank O Bom O Mau e O Vilão and Void Creations productions for the space programming.


Rabbit Hole – Cinema D’argent | 11pm to 2am
It’s the crying of the ones who rise from an idiotic life subdued to luxury and the comforts of bling-bling, telesales, golf courts and suede slippers.

DJs: Mafalda and Miguel Loff


Almada Guerra | 10pm to 2pm
He makes electropop and R&B nights more times than the day job as a social media strategist would advise, but he would not be able to keep all that music for himself. Usually gets away with it.

Retro Sessions: Nunchuck | 10pm to 2am
As a small Viking from Portuguese Old West, Nunchuck began spreading the word of the great Sixties several years ago during his magical journeys through old vinyls.

Closing Party

Concert Rafael Castro (BR)

“REMEMBER?” I do. It was a year ago, at Studio SP Rafael Castro did a small participation in a concert. By my side, composer Péricles Cavalcanti began having a seizure: “Look at Rafael, look at Rafael, this is rock and roll!”
I still didn’t know how much rock and roll that guy with a pose from the 18th century could have. But he has. Rafael Castro, the 26 years old boy who’s just released his eighth album (attention, I said eighth!) is a capira punk. Rafael is not part of any scene. He is the caipira punk troubadour from Lençóis Paulista who writes song after song and then sings them with delicate irony. Rafael Castro is rock and roll.

1am to 4am

Rubi Tocha – DJ an Singer
DJ Ruby Tocha likes everything exotic and takes special pleasure in mixing romantic stars with spatial music.