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Highlights of the 1st Press Conference of the 10th edition of doclisboa

The doclisboa'12 - 10th International Film Festival will take place October 18 - 28, 2012. The Festival presents a new logo and several new structural features.

Cinema of Urgency and Green Years are two new festival sections : Cinema of Urgency brings together films that document and witness events that challenge filmmakers to rethink cinema in terms of direct action and concrete exercise of citizenship. Green Years embraces a selection of films produced in the context of schools for video, film and audio-visual communication, as well as in post-graduate courses related to cinema and in particular to documentary film.

In its 10th edition, the doclisboa will present two retrospectives : United We Stand, Divided We Fall and Chantal Akerman.

United We Stand United We Fall, a retrospective programmed by Italian film curator Federico Rossin, will present collective films that emerged during the 1960s to 1980s and focuses on the moments in which the political and social struggle forced the reinvention of cinematic practice and the status of the author.

In partnership with the Portuguese Cinematheque - Film Museum, the doclisboa will host a full retrospective of Belgian filmmaker Chantal Akerman, questioning documentary film and its relationship to other cinematic and artistic practices.

The Festival includes as usual the sections International Competition, a selection of some of the best documentaries coming from all over the world, and National Competition presenting some of the best Portuguese documentaries completed during the last year.

In addition, the Festival counts with the sections Investigations (films that ask contemporary questions and explore cinema as a tool to investigate reality), New Visions (section curated by Augusto M. Seabra and projecting to challenge common categories and formats of documentary) and Heart Beat (section that proposes documentaries based on their relationship with music and the performing arts).

The complete schedule will be announced in September.

The new direction of the Festival, composed of Ana Jordão, Cinta Pelejà, Cíntia Gil and Susana de Sousa Dias, works as a collective understanding cinema as something to be shared and open to plurality, and is aware of the fact that organizing work collectively is at the same time a political statement.

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“Yama No Anata”, by Aya Koretzky, awarded at the Curitiba International Film Festival 2012

"Yama No Anata" ("Beyond the Mountains"), by Aya Koretzky, receives the Best Movie Prize in New Views Competition (first and second movies by Brazilian and foreign moviemakers) at the Olhar de Cinema - Curitiba International Film Festival 2012.

Cinema of Urgency

doclisboa announces a new, non competitive section for its 2012 edition: Cinema of Urgency.
We are looking for films that document and are testimonies of situations and events that claim the urgency to create a community for debate, reflection, in order to have a position. These films are made in an absolute implication with the real: if, for this reason, they couldn't find the usually necessary distance for the creation of a cinematographic work, they have found an immediate anchorage on a reality that, each day, challenges filmmakers for a daily practice of citizenship. These films answer to the usual gaps on the media, they exist through social networks and other means, trying to open breaches on the control of information. They have to have a place in a festival that wants to think cinema through the multiple faces of its implication on reality.

The Green Years

Doclisboa will create, from its 2012 edition, a section dedicated to films produced in the context of video, cinema, audiovisual and communication schools , as well as graduate courses related to film and documentary filmmaking in particular. Therefore, the condition for the filmmakers to submit their films, is that they are attending a teaching program in this area.
This is a non-competitive section, which seeks above all to open a dialogue and reflection platform about the films and also the teaching of these areas.
It is intended to give opportunity to young filmmakers still in the education context, to show their work to a wider public by facilitating, there by, their future entry into the professional context, as well as its enrichment as directors.

The deadline for submitting films is the 1st of July 2012. Only entries that include a DVD version of the film and a duly filled application form will be accepted.

The DVD should be sent to:
doclisboa - Festival Internacional de Cinema
Largo da Madalena, nº 1, 1º

1100-317 Lisboa
 - Portugal

Entry Form



The registration form should be sent to Luís Martins:

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