NEBULAE – Network at Doclisboa

Nebulae is the new space for networking at Doclisboa. It is a group of activities, gatherings, opportunities and people for the advancement of the creation, production and dissemination of independent film.

*NEBULAE – A diffuse cloud of interstellar dust or gas or both, visible as luminous patches or areas of darkness depending on the way the mass absorbs or reflects incident light or emits its own light.


A place for thinking and creative development

Arché is a laboratory of professional activities aimed at directors, producers
and other film professionals. With the support of the Ibermedia Programme, it intends to provide tools for new film projects, as well as
moments of reflection and training, in order to foster and assure the identity and quality of projects currently in phases of development
or production. Arché is focused on and open to projects coming from Ibermedia countries, which are looking for training and networking,
as well as co-production opportunities.

– 3 Project Development labs for films at different stages of production
– 1 Critics Lab
– Pitching sessions
– One to one meetings
– Awards


RAW − ARCHÉ Work Residencies

A six week training and development programme held in Lisbon and Madrid, consisting of a series of activities including Arché lab, artistic residencies and MRG//WORK lab (with Márgenes Film Festival).
Aimed at participants coming from Ibermedia countries.
– 2 Project Development residencies
– 2 Critics residencies


International Funding and Co-production Forum for documentary, co-organized with EDN (European Documentary Network).
– Workshops
– Pitchings
– One to one meetings


A series of film presentations and talks, aimed at filmmakers, critics and professionals willing to engage in a dialogue on new forms and topics within the documentary arts.
In 2019 the seminar will be organized in collaboration with UnionDocs (UNDO) – Center for Documentary Art.


In each edition one industry topic will be debated and analyzed together with professionals. In 2019 the topic will be the distribution of films in educational contexts.
A morning with speakers, discussions and group work, intending to contribute to a wider discussion about the European filmmarket.


Each edition of Nebulae will invite a guest country and its film professionals.
In 2019 Germany will be our guest country, and we will welcome a pitching session for German producers.


Doclisboa cares about the future of the films and projects that it presents. We provide moments for filmmakers and producers to encounter market experts, who can advise them on festival and distribution strategies.


Moments for debating industry topics, as well as topics related to Doclisboa’s program.
A series of masterclasses ranging from artistic paths to specific professional issues, conducted by acclaimed and experienced filmmakers and professionals.


Every afternoon, every night. Doclisboa is a strongly engaged film festival, and Nebulae responds to that with intense moments of fun and
informal networking.


For more information, please contact us on the following e-mail address: industry@doclisboa.org