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State of play on the Portuguese cinema regulatory decree

The Portuguese cinema associations in protest were received in audience by the Prime Minister.

They presented the protest letter, which gathered more than 600 national and international signatures. After this meeting, the government withdrew the homologation of the decree-law that will regulate Portuguese Cinema Law. It was therefore considered that the decree-law does not uphold a policy of cultural public service for Portuguese Cinema, meant to be transparent and with no conflicts of interest. The dialogue is thus reopened, bearing in mind the final draft of the document.

However, we must note that 2017’s tender for film production will be governed by the same rules the regulatory body intended to approve, whose ratification is now discussed again.

For this reason, the associations in protest are still struggling for the amendment of the jury nomination system, in defense of a transparent and trustworthy policy of public service for Portuguese cinema.


Agência da Curta Metragem

APCI – Associação dos Produtores de Cinema Independente

Apordoc – Associação pelo Documentário

APR – Associação Portuguesa de Realizadores

CENA – Sindicato dos Músicos, dos Profissionais do Espetáculo e Audiovisual

Curtas Vila do Conde




Monstra, Festival de Animação de Lisboa

Portugal Film

Queer Lisboa

SINTTAV – Sindicato Nacional dos Trabalhadores das Telecomunicações e Audiovisual

STE – Sindicato dos Trabalhadores de Espetáculos