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Next March 30, Doclisboa presents Calabria at Cinema Ideal, in Lisboa. The film won the City of Lisbon Award for Best Competition Film in last year’s festival International Competition categorie.

This exhibition will take place at Cinema Ideal, in Lisboa, as the first of a four film cycle, selected from Doclisboa’16 edition.

This cycle is the product of a partnership between Doclisboa and Cinema Ideal.

Detailed programme TBA soon.


C​alabria [2016] Pierre-François Sauter / 117 min.

After the death of a Calabrian emigrant who came to Switzerland to find work, two undertakers, Jovan and José, emigrants themselves, travel from the north to the south of Italy to repatriate the deceased to his home village. Jovan, a gypsy who was singer in Belgrade, believes in life after death, while José, a Portuguese man with a passion for culture, believes only what he sees. Together, all of them face the trip’s surprises and contingencies. Their voyage at once pays tribute to the dead person and celebrates Life.

Sessions: March 30 to April 5 // Daily sessions* schedule TBA

* March 30 session counts with the presence of the director and cast members, José ​Russo Baião ​and Jovan​ Nikolic, for an after exhibition talk.

The session will end with a concert of Jovan, serbian musician and film cast member.


Cinema Ideal

Rua do Loreto 15/17

1241 Lisboa

+351 21 099 82 95