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International Competition

Films from all over the world with different approaches, forms and lengths, drawing a map of contemporary cinema and the intuition of the horizons it opens. Films produced after May 2015, largely international or world premieres.

Portuguese Competition

Portuguese produced and/or directed films, with no limitation of formats and lengths. This section provides an overview of the diversity of gazes, practices and film languages from Portugal in a rigorous, open and attentive selection. Films produced after May 2015, largely world premieres.

New Visions

Alongside with the two competions, this section broadens the scope of doclisboa – into different approaches of reality and its representations, questioning the ideas of fiction and documentarism, the ways of perceptions and seeing as well as revising a critical vision of cinema. Paying attention to aspects of inovation present in contemporary tendencies, but also in surprising moments of the past. A space to defy categories, formats, and lengths.

From the Earth to the Moon

Doclisboa’s new section premieres the latest films by key documentary scene directors out of competition, and brings us a selection of works that show us today’s world and the future where we seem to be headed.

Heart Beat

All forms of arts can be represented in this section : dance, music, theater, performing and visual arts, literature… Not only on the screen, the arts beat in Doclisboa.

Cinema of Urgency

Featuring films that record and depict issues and events that imply the urgent creation of a community for debate and reflexion. Films that fill the gaps in the media, and that exist through the social networks and other means establishing an absolute implication into reality itself, challenging filmmakers to a daily practice of citizenship.

Green Years

This section presents portuguese films by young directors and students of several areas, intending to make a recognition of their work and present it to a larger audience. This section establishes both a dialogue and reflection platform that intends to contibute to the development of new filmakers. Green years has its own competition and jury.

Doc Alliance

This section is present at all the festivals members of the Doc Alliance project. It presents a programme of films nominated for the Doc Alliance Section, including the winner fot the Doc Alliance Award given by an international critics Jury.


Derives from the convergence of two recent movements: the film passage to museums and the inclusion of documentary in contemporary art. Passages tries to reflect a diversity and complexity that has redesigned practice, opening new perspectives to documentary film, but also questioning categories and disciplines inside the visual arts.