Doclisboa wants to question the present of film, bringing along its history and assuming cinema as a mode of freedom. By refusing the categorization of film practice, it searches for the new problematics that cinematic image implies, in its multiple ways of engagement with the contemporary. Doclisboa tries to be a place to imagine reality through new modes of perception, reflection, and possible new forms of action.

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Irene Gutiérrez Torres is a Sundance and Tribeca Institute fellow, a Berlinale Talent Alumni and an artist-in-residence at  McDowell Colony. She received her MFA in film production from  University King Juan Carlos, Spain, and her degree in documentary film production from the EICTV, Cuba. Her first short film, “Border Diaries” (2012) is part of the cycle “Imaginary Geographies”, which was screened during 2017 in the Cervantes Institutes of NYC, Belgrade, Tokyo, Amman and Sofia. It was part of international film festivals in Uganda, Tanzania, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and the UK. Her first feature “Hotel Nueva Isla” (2014) was released at the Rotterdam International Film Festival and played to critical acclaim at film festivals in New York (MoMA Documentary Fortnight), Portland, Chicago, Hong Kong, Munich, Lima, Melbourne, Toulouse and Moscow, among others. “Man Between Dog and Wolf” (2017) is her next work, supported by Tribeca TFI, Ibermedia Program and ICAA along with her first fiction screenplay “Yellow Letters”, which was awarded with the Carolina Scriptwriting Scholarship in Spain.





by Xoel Méndez
Production: Noveolas Producciones
Country: Spain
Sinopsis: After his wife’s death, with whom he lived for 35 years, Lucio fights solitude face to face. With his laptop screen as the only window to the world, Lucio, at his 86 years of age, sets off on a long trip: his mind starts expanding. His masterpiece, the last on the list of weird inventions and brainwaves, takes shape: a 20- metre- long spacecraft that, according to his prophecy, is called to be the vehicle of the future. The films gets on board the flying saucer to share his captain during the quixotic voyage towards the 10/7, his imaginary planet. On route, tension, friction and mystery appear. Lucio hides, multiplies, escapes. It starts a pursuit inside a labyrinth of mirrors, an initiating/tic drift, a space career.


A Olhar para Ontem
by Nevena Desivojević
Production: Terratreme Filmes
Country: Portugal
Sinopsis: In a small village behind the mountains in Portugal, a local thief is stealing goods from his neighbors. Eggs, hens, a hoe, an electric chain saw, porcelain plates, and a gas can, have disappeared so far. All the villagers know who is the thief, but due to no proofs, he continues being on freedom and living among them


by Ricardo Leite
Production: Noveolas Producciones
Country: Portugal
Sinopsis: The river Lucefece is in the south of Portugal. It is believed that its name derives from Lucifer, the fallen angel. Even today, near the river you can find the ruins of a sanctuary of the infernal god Endovélico. The film began 14 years ago, with a 500km walking pilgrimage from the director and central character of the film, to the sanctuary. Over time, the film metamorphosed itself, migrating from an experimental, mystical, ritualistic and performative style, to an autobiographical, anthropological, and documentary film.


The Rite of Knowledge
by Bruno Ojeda
Production: Bruno Ojeda
Country: Spain
Sinopsis:In an aseptic classroom we find medical students obsessively studying the anatomy of the human body in bones, corpses and organs. Through The Rite of Knowledge we observe the relationship between these students and the object of their study. Their gestures and words wrap us, creating an experience that reaches into the tactile unknown of their search. An unknown that dwells in the uncharted realms of our corporeality.


El Silencio Heredado
by Lucía Dapena
Production: Lucía Dapena
Country: Spain
Sinopsis: The day my grandfather died, after years of silence, my family gave me a paper written by him. In this paper, he tells that he was imprisoned in several Francoist concentration camps, and then transferred to a forced labor camp. Taking this discovery as a starting point, the film follows the journey made by my grandfather, visiting the present of these places, to understand the silence and to build the imaginary that this silence denied me.




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