Round Table/ Peter Watkins Retrospective

Peter Watkins “came up with a system that allowed him to re-enact History, in order to film it in the present, bringing together in the same frame all historical times” (Antoine de Baecque, La Caméra-Histoire, Gallimard, Paris, 2009). Based on the films shown in the scope of the retrospective, and on the account given by Patrick Watkins of this unique system, we’d like to reflect on the ideas awaken by the films: how do they criticise the global media codes? What do they mean as seeds for a far-reaching and renewed film practice? With the presence of Patrick Watkins, Luke Fowler, João Pedro Cachopo and José Manuel Costa, and moderated by Pedro Fortes.

OCT 26 / 5.30 pm, Cinemateca – Luís de Pina Cinema
The round table will be held in English, with no translation
Open to the public, within the availability of seats

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