Doclisboa’s films to watch online for free till the 18th of December

“Phil Mendrix”, “Raimundo”, “Perhaps Desert Perhaps Universe”, “The Glory of Filmmaking in Portugal”, “Celeste”, “Where is the Jungle” and “… because I am not the 21st Century’s Giacometti” are the titles available.

The films can be watched online at the DAFilms platform under the Doclisboa Event.
Till the 18th on December you can access some of the films programmed on the 2015 edition of the festival.

Phil Mendrix, by Paulo Abreu
Raimundo, by Paulo Abreu
Perhaps Desert Perhaps Universe, by Karen Akerman e Miguel Seabra Lopes
The Glory of Filmmaking in Portugal, by Manuel Mozos
Celeste, by Diogo Varela da Silva
Where is the Jungle, by Iván Castiñeiras Gallego
… because I am not the 21st Century’s Giacometti, by Tiago Pereira

To have access do the programme go to the link: http://dafilms.pt/event/267-Doclisboa_2016/