World Premieres at Doclisboa arrive at RIDM and Torino Film Festival.

One of the films programmed at Torino is BLACK SUN, by Laura Huertas-Millan, distinguished with the City of Lisbon Special Mention for Best International Competition Film.

95 and 6 to go, by Kimi Takesue; Terceiro Andar, by Luciana Fina and Black Sun, by Laura Huertas-Millan (  City of Lisbon Special Mention for Best Competition Film) are the three films that premiered worldwide on the last edition of Doclisboa that will be screened at RIDM ( 95 and 6 to go) and at Torino International Film Festival (Terceiro Andar and Black Sun).

Also on the programme of RIDM, a special highlight for Il Solengo, the winner of the City of Lisbon Award for Best International Competition Film on Doclisboa’15.

Image still from the film Black Sun