Doclisboa in Moita

Doclisboa programmes an extention in Moita starting on the 4th of November.

The programme prepared for the extention consists on a showcase of the Retrospective “I don’t throw bombs, I make films” – Terrorism, Representation, presented at Doclisboa’15. The sessions will be completed by a film lab for middle school students.

Every session will occur at Cultural José Manuel Figueiredo.

Extention Programme
4th of November : Die Innere Sicherheit, by Christian Petzold ·
12th of November: Les Ordres, by Michel Brault
25th of November: Johnson e Co. And the campaign against poverty, by Hartmut Bitomsky + United Red Army  (the young man was…part 1), by Naeem Mohaieman

23 rd of November: Film Lab for for middle school students.

Every information is available here: http://www.cm-moita.pt/frontoffice/pages/970?news_id=3680