Falemos de Furos
Let’s talk about Boreholes

26 OUT / 21.30, São Jorge – Sala Montepio

In total carelessness towards the imminent depletion of finite natural resources, Portugal is victim of oil prospecting drilling. If it exists, it will be monopolised and commercialised by large economic groups. A look at the Portuguese situation and a conscious reflection on the actual climatic consequences of this course of action, made from forms of social organisation that foresee the use of alternative resources, aiming beyond legalistic impositions.

Session followed by a debate with João Camargo, Sónia Balacó (Peniche Livre de Petróleo) and Ângela Rosa (Tavira em Transição), and moderated by Miguel Ribeiro and Ana Pereira

Falemos de Furos – Portugal e o Petróleo
João Camargo
2016 | Portugal | 8’

Kelly Nyks
2016 | EUA / USA | 41’

Free entrance with a previously acquired ticket. A donation to firefighters will allow you a sticker, exchangeable by a ticket on the session’s day from 8 pm on.