Education Service

Audience formation is one of the goals of Doclisboa, which invests in the relationship between the school communities and the movie theatre. The goal of our films, debates and workshops is to complement and diversify the contents of the various school subjects, thus fostering curricular and extra-curricular knowledge, cultural and scientific repertoire, sensibility and interest for documentary film.


DocEscolas features sessions for students from various grades, all of which are followed by a debate, thus pointing out the artistic, social, political and philosophical relevance and pertinence of the screened film. The presence of the directors at the end of the film sessions, along with one of the programmers of the festival, is essential to the creation of a learning and growing space for the young audience.

Doc 4 Kids

The Docs 4 Kids workshops bring the documentary closer to children and youngsters – ages between 4 and 15 – through watching films, reflecting on and debating them, along with artistic proposals, which bring to life the ideas raised by the documentaries.