What is Arché?
Arché is a space for film professionals, composed by 2 Workshops and a group of Meetings

What are the Workshops?
Workshops on projects development, focused on the creative process of the projects. Arché presents 2 Workshops: Writing and Project Development Workshop (aiming projects’ writing development, temathic and reflexion on the strategies to be developed on the film) and a Viewing and Discussion of Works in Progress Workshop for projects that have already been shot, presently in the editing stage.

What are the Meetings?
A program including a series of masterclass sessions, presentations and debates around professional questions, crucial to the development of a film today.

Who can participate?
Any filmmaker and/or producer who have a project in development. Writing and Project Development Workshop is also opened to screenwriters. Viewing and Discussion of Works in Progress Workshop is also opened to editors. The rules of participation are set every edition.
Arché may designate observers every edition.

When does Arché open for calls?
July 1st 2016

How many projects can participate?
The number of participant projects is set every edition when the calls are open.

Is there a fee for participation?
Arché is free. Expenses with travelling and lodging in Lisbon are borne by the participant. The festival provides meals during the days of workshops.

How can I submit a project?
To submit a project, Arché must receive a project dossier. All required documentation will be announced on July 1st 2016.

Who selects the projects and when are the participants announced?
The projects are selected by Doclisboa direction. The selected participants are announced up to one month before Arché starts.