Education Service


Audience formation is one of the goals of Doclisboa, which invests in the relationship between the school communities and the movie theatre. The goal of our films, debates and workshops is to complement and diversify the contents of the various school subjects, thus fostering curricular and extra-curricular knowledge, cultural and scientific repertoire, sensibility and interest for documentary film. This year, Doclisboa reinforces the projects DocEscolas and Docs 4 Kids – both in terms of activity variety and age groups concerned – and continues the Playground. In its scope, it also conducts a training course entitled “Teaching with and for Cinema” and a preview conference of the sessions of the Education Service designed for teachers, providing pedagogical guidance according to the level of education and subject area. The Education Service is also present at the festival journal and launches a new space for sharing educational experiences: a blog involving students, parents, teachers and educators, from pre-schools to universities. It is a work in progress, of informal nature, designed for discussion, publishing, reading and questioning. One of the main goals is to reveal the preparations, the process and the result of the participations in the activities of the festival. It also aims at setting challenges for a continuous work throughout the school year of 2015/2016.