Público Newspaper Special Screening

A Regular Day – One Day in one Hour
AAVV | 2015 | Portugal | 60’

The media usually highlight extraordinary topics. More often on the negative side, less often on the positive side. But almost always due to their extraordinary nature. On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, the topic being time, Público newspaper wanted to look at reality in a different way. To record in video something that would be similar to a regular day in Portugal, a mosaic of small events all over the country that would amount to 24 hours. At the invitation of Doclisboa, Público now presents a one-hour version that keeps the project’s original spirit: one-minute videos (almost always) with a fixed shot and no cuts.

NOV 1 / 2.00 pm, Culturgest – Small Aud.

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A Regular Day – 1440 Minutes
AAVV | 2015 | Portugal | 1440’

During the festival, the original set of 1440 one-minute videos can be seen in full in an installation set up for this purpose.

OCT 22 through NOV 1 / Culturgest