Nathalie Mansoux and Miguel Moraes Cabral project in MRG/WORK

No Convento dos Caetanos participates in MRG/WORK as part of a partnership between Doclisboa and Márgenes Festival.

Nathalie Mansoux and Miguel Moraes Cabral’s No Convento dos Caetanos, one of the participant projects of Arché has been invited to be part of MRG/WORK, the platform for project’s development of Spanish festival Márgenes.

This invitation stems from a partnership between Doclisboa and Márgenes, which provides for a Portuguese participating project in Arché to integrate MRG/WORK’s working group. On the other hand, a Doclisboa team member will be one of the tutors of MRG/WORK. Cíntia Gil, co-director of the festival, will work directly with the six participating projects.

The aim of this collaboration is to create opportunities for the development of independent projects and to promote new networks of collaboration through a joint effort and common strategies.

No Convento dos Caetanos was one of the four selected projects to Arché’s Viewing and Discussion of Works in Progress Workshop, tutored by Luciano Rigolini.

MRG/WORK will take place between December 4th and 5th in Madrid on the scope of 5th edition of Márgenes.